Africa's Best Safari Destinations

If one of the richest places in the world when it comes to nature, natural resources, flora, and fauna, is where you want to go then, Africa is the place where all your concentration should be. Bestowed with the best, rarest and the most abundant variety of wildlife, Africa, without any second thoughts, makes for an excellent safari destination. Wildlife and nature lovers find their peace in here while the ones that seek adventure keep wanting to come back and enrich their experience. Safaris are a great way to cater to your love for the wild as well as have a little adventure of your own. However, a safari in Africa requires preparation, the biggest of which is deciding where to go because Africa has so many places all well suited for a safari vacation. So while you have been looking for a reliable source of information that guides you in the right direction, we have been doing the homework for you. We come to you with some of the best places in Africa where you can go on a safari and have the time of your life. In addition to that, we have also concocted a teeny tiny list of what you must take along with you on an African safari.

Lake & Crater Safari: If a luxury safari is what you are looking for then Lake and Crater’s safari is one of the best ones, to begin with. This one starts in Kenya and takes you to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara in Tanzania. This safari includes witnessing the best forms of wildlife including the migration of wildebeest.

Cape Town and Kruger: This safari combines two of the most wondrous places in a classic 9-day tour. The safari also includes world class accommodation with fantastic food that includes gourmet food, fine Italian wine, and magnificent views. This safari is one of those big 5 star safaris that have all the components of a romantic holiday accompanied with an incredible wildlife adventure.

Botswana, Vic Falls, and Zimbabwe: The adventurer in you will take its time doing its happy dance in this safari that includes Africa’s four most incredible wildlife destinations. The Okavango Delta in Botswana, Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls and the one-of-a-kind Matobas in Zimbabwe. If this will be your first safari in Africa in these destinations, it is advisable to have a guide because these places boast of thick wildlife which you cannot experience without someone telling you what to look for and where. Also, it takes quite a bit of time to cover these four destinations and experience them in their entirety so make sure you have a lot of it before you plan to go here.

Kenya safari and Uganda Gorilla Trekking: This safari is one of the best choices for people who love an on-foot adventure with a DIY feel to it. This safari is also a great place to start your adventure without any guide if you have the right knowledge and information. The area is outlined with beautiful views and unique encounters with gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda. Make sure you know how to deal with them. If not, you may not want to go without an expert or a guide.

Namibia and Botswana: The two opposites: If variety is what you seek, then a safari that combines Namibia and Botswana is where you want to go. While one is a desert and other, a delta, the two places could not be more opposite of each other regarding the geography and more like each other when it comes to the variety of wildlife they have.

Zambezi Valley: Located in Zambia, the Zambezi Valley is the storehouse of raw nature and decadent wildlife. There are a lot of hippopotamuses and elephants along with a huge variety of birds. People mostly go to Namibia than Zambia which is why this place has that touch of raw wilderness. Do not miss out on the camps that are planted across the riverbank.

Now that you have some places to choose from, here is a list of a few things that you must not forget to take on the trip:

– Food: Food is a very important, and among the most critical aspects for all outdoor activities. This is mainly due to the fact that you won’t have access to your own kitchen or a regular grocery store while you are away. Your only option is packing or buying food or cooking it yourself or perhaps both. However, it is an excellent experience to cook your food while camping. However at times you might be too tired for setting up the fire, getting out utensils and taking an hour to cook your meal. In these situations, there is a good backup plan that can save you. Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) is one great option. They are different from regular canned and packaged food you receive from supermarkets. In fact MREs taste better, are healthier, and more convenient for carrying with you on your outdoor trips.

MREs come packed within hermetically sealed packages which help to prevent harmful foreign substances from getting into food packets.

Their shelf life is long, ranging from 3 days up to five years. This will help to ensure that you eat edible and healthy food.

MREs are rugged and resistant to any kind of hard impact. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about any bumps in the road affecting the quality of food that is within an MRE pack.

A majority of MRE packs also come with water cans. That way you won’t need to worry over carrying extra water for drinking after every meal.

MREs are nutrient rich. There are 1250 calories in a MRE day pack which is more than enough for making you feel energetic and full all throughout the day, which is just what you need for an outdoor trip.

Heating MREs before eating them isn’t necessary. There is a self-activated heating feature that comes with them for heating the food up instantly. Even on cold nights, you will be guaranteed to have a tasty and hot meal.

MRE day packs offer three meals to you: breakfast, lunch and dinner. These also include desserts, snacks and beverages. The MRE bags have utensils as well that can be disposed of after using them. That means you won’t have to wash dirty utensils after using them.

To summarize, MREs offer a complete food package with convenience, taste, energy, nutrition and healthy food. Any day you are not feeling in the mood to do some cooking, all you need to do is open up a MRE pack and enjoy a satisfying meal.

– A First Aid Kit: Make sure to grab a good quality, updated first aid kit with mosquito repellant and antibiotics to help treat injuries.

– A map and GPS: Roaming in the jungles becomes easier if you have these two things with you.

– Flashlights: Sometimes, the thick greenery cuts out sunlight, and it becomes completely dark when you are inside the forest even when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. Make sure you have a flashlight to find you way ahead.

We hope you have a great time in Africa!

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