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Discover Meals That Are Ready To Eat While Backpacking

Discover Meals That Are Ready To Eat While Backpacking

When you go backpacking, you need to realize you are often going only to take short breaks, other than at night. However, this does not mean that you cannot go without eating as you will find that the food is going to provide you with the energy you need to get from one point to the next point. With that in mind, we have come out with some great foods you can use while backpacking that are ready to eat, lightweight, and the best part will not require you to do any cooking on your part to slow you down.

Nuts & Seeds

This is going to be one of the things that you are going to want to bring with you. These are very lightweight, and as long as you can keep the seeds away from the birds, you will have a great snack you can eat. The good news is these are very light and provide quite a bit of energy you can get from them.

Beef Jerky

This is a great item that you can carry with you and eat while you are trekking. That is because you can quickly pull out a beef jerky strip and eat it while you are trekking. On the downside, you will need to try to keep the packs cold to keep the meat fresh once you have opened them, but usually, the backpack will work. Not to mention, this is going to be an amazing protein-packed item you can easily enjoy.

Tuna And Salmon

You may be turning your nose up to this idea already, but the items in the packages are ready to eat in most cases. Usually, people just add stuff to them to make them taste better or to get it prepared a way they want to have them. However, if you are hiking these packs are going to be a great way to get some amazing protein and often get a filling meal. Salmon is one pack that you may have to work to find, but it is starting to become a popular item so you should see more stores starting to carry it soon.


You may think this is only for making your burritos, but this is not the case. This is a great item that you can use as a flatbread. However, you will find that you can put almost anything on the inside from peanut butter to M&Ms. Then you just have to roll it up, and you will have a vast amount of food to enjoy and know the food is going to provide you with the nutrition you want to have. At the same time, you will notice this is going to be a great meal because it is one you can add in what you want and not have to settle for something that is already made.

Dried Vegetables

This is going to be part of a meal for most people, but if you are trekking, you will find that the dried vegetables can make a meal. This is an item that you can rehydrate if you want to, but for some people, they will prefer to eat the dried item. You will find this is going to give you a lot of the vitamins you need as well. However, you will notice this is an item that you may need to warm up some water if you want to have them rehydrated.

XMRE Meals

These meals are ones that are fully cooked, but they have been vacuum sealed. This will allow you to have a decent selection of meals to pick from, but it also makes it easier for you to get a more regular meal. This is one meal that you may want to warm up. However, the time it takes to warm the meal is not that long, and the quality of the food you are going to get will be mind blowing so you will definitely want to give the XMRE meals a go.

Are you trying to find some great meals that you can eat while you are backpacking? If you are, then you know that cooking is typically not an option. The list that you have here is just a small sample of what you can find in the way of food that can provide you with the nutrition you need. At the same time, these foods are very lightweight, and this means you do not have to worry about a lot of weight added into your backpack.

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