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Five of the Most Daring Climbs in the World | Big Wall Climbing

“Have you ever wondered which big wall climbing spots are considered as forbidden? Do you know who dare embark on adventures even on those routes?

Well, the following are some of the biggest and most challenging walls in the world:

1. Mt. Asgard in Canada

Located in the remote Baffin Island, this 1,200 meters high wall is esthetically appealing. Its climbing difficulty can be rated as 7 out of 10. Mt. Asgard is dear to many Bond fans because Ricky Sylvester stylishly skied off it in 1976. His parachute featured a British flag. Ski BASE enthusiasts also love Mt. Asgard. In the year 2009, Leo Houlding, a British climber, and his team tried free ascent from the Northern face for the first time! The movie Asgard Project by Alastair Lee beautifully shows the story. Holding also BASE jumped off the summit later.

2. Trango Towers in Pakistan

Located very remotely, The Trango Towers, with its height of 1,300 meters, instills fear and doubt into the hearts of even seasoned climbers. The towering pillars of rock make climbing extremely difficult, and the fact that the elevation is beyond 6,000 meters only makes things more exhausting. It took Marcin Tomaszewski and Marek Raganowicz, the two famous Polish wall climbers, 20 days to complete a 46 pitch route.

3. Ultevanna in Antarctica

One of the most beautiful climbing spots is also one of the most daring. The 1,750 meters high Ultevanna looks like a truly majestic ship prow emerging from the white desert. This spot of Queen Maud Land is not for the weak-hearted because when rock climbing is combined with a temperature of minus 25 Degrees Celsius, even the experts shiver. It is noteworthy that Leo Houlding and his team climbed the north-eastern ridge for the first time in 2013.

4. Le Petit Dru in France

The fact that its height is only 850 meters does not make climbing Le Petit Dru any less serious. Truth is; it is one extremely risky climb. That is because rock falls are very common. Ten years before, the classic line called Bonatti Pillar fell entirely. Still, multiple routes lead to the peak, and some routes even welcome regular climbers. The presence of civilization near Chamonix valley may provide a secure feeling, but that vanishes once you start climbing alone.

5. Yosemite in America

The 1000 meters ascent of Yosemite is the dream climb for pretty much every young climber. Being associated with the most hallowed El Captain mountain, the region has witness many daring and legendary ascents over the decades. Climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell attempted Dawn Wall free ascent recently, and countless others climbed the Yosemite successfully, starting as early as 1950s.”