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Have you ever thought about going solo?

Being a solo traveler is easier than you might think! Would you believe that there are quite a few places that you can go on your own? What about places that are easy to go, safe for one person, and fun? Just like any type of travel, going solo requires a good location. You need to feel safe, it needs to be easy enough for one person to navigate, and it should be fun, or it would be a waste of time. It also helps for it to be inexpensive!

The whole point of traveling is to have fun and see new things, right? Being a solo traveler is exciting, but it can be scary at first. It’s important to meet all of your goals. We aim to help you figure out what to do and how to do it.

When you travel, especially when you’re on your own, you need to make sure you have the right supplies for the journey.

You should make sure to pack…

  • a blanket that doesn’t use much space
  • a bright flashlight (especially one that doesn’t need batteries and/or can go hands-free)
  • a first-aid kit
  • a good suitcase
  • a jacket with zippered pockets
  • a large scarf
  • a mini-bungee cord
  • a money belt
  • a refillable water bottle
  • a reliable rain jacket, passport photos
  • a reusable bag (especially a reusable one)
  • a sturdy backpack
  • an emergency-contact information card
  • an ugly cell phone case (to make you less of a target for theft)
  • anti-diarrheal pills
  • anti-inflammation pills
  • clothes that you don’t mind ruining and/or tossing later down the line
  • contraception
  • diary/notebook/journal
  • dry shampoo
  • envelopes and stamps
  • flip-flops
  • foldable jacket (that you can also use as a pillow)
  • granola bars
  • hygiene stuff (pads, tampons, hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.)
  • insect-repellant
  • loose pants
  • medications
  • minimal jewelry
  • modest clothes (for countries where you need to cover up for culture)
  • multiple forms of identification (and anything else important)
  • multi-purpose shoes
  • non-perishable foods
  • plain clothing
  • plastic bags
  • something sturdy to keep important documents in (like a plastic folder or binder)
  • various writing utensils
  • waterproof bags (it WILL rain)
  • wipes (baby wipes, disinfectant, etc.)

Thinking of heading to Asia?

Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, India, and the Philippines might be good places to start.

Coron in the Philippines is incredibly easy for solo travelers. The locals are kind, and they love to help people who are visiting their country. Even better still, they mostly speak English! Removing the language barrier from your first time traveling abroad by yourself can make things far easier than worrying about translations.

Hoi An in Vietnam is a small town with a lovely beach and plenty of hostels. The hostels actually provide a lot of activities, so you can meet a lot of people and try new things. They even do cooking classes! This beautiful town is small enough that you can walk everywhere. Don’t forget to try some of the inexpensive restaurants that represent the fantastic food in this country.

Another great place in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City. In District 1, you find a market, cathedral, post office, town hall, Independence Palace, and even a museum. Rex Hotel was popular with soldiers during the Vietnam War. There are tons of tour, where you can look at amazing places around the city’s area.

Krabi in Thailand is one of the friendliest towns in Asia. Both the town and the beachside of this area are beautiful and welcoming. You can find a daily market along the river or go rock-climbing at Railay Beach. This city has helpful people who want to help you feel comfortable. You also might be there when the Rock and Fire Festival is going on! The islands in the area are popular with adventurers of all kinds, for snorkeling and even national parks.

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is cheap and has delicious food. This is another city with a great metro system that makes travel easy. If you want to experience nature, culture, nightlife, adventure, and more, Bangkok is the perfect place to start as a solo traveler.

Pretty much all of Singapore is great for solo travelers. Not only is it modern, but it’s also very clean and safe, especially for people from out of the country. Their metro system makes everything easy to access, and most people in the country speak English. So if you get lost or have any other questions, you should be able to ask just about anyone for help. Plus, you can make friends with the locals and other travelers. There are plenty of hostels, especially in the capital. This is one of the best places for a solo traveler to start off.

Laos is another great country to trek across. Vang Vieng is rated as being amazing and easy to travel as a solo adventurer. Like many of the other places in this article, Laos a great place to make friends, and there’s a lot to do. Vang Vieng is cheap but has a lot of fun things for anyone who loves to explore or be in nature. Another city in Laos to give a chance is Luang Prabang, which is another very friendly city. You can visit temples and waterfalls, as well as see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The locals are also very willing to speak with travelers so they can practice their English and teach you about their culture—while also asking you questions about yours.

India is another popular destination for solo travelers. Want to find the party capital of India? Head to Goa. Goa has beaches, cheap alcohol, and endless fun. If you’re up for partying, this is where you should go first. You can even rent a 2-wheeler without breaking the bank, but there are a lot of local buses you can give a shot. There’s a hostel close to the beach if you want a great view of the ocean. You can meet up with other travelers and learn their stories.

If you want to head deep into nature and away from the parties, you should check out Himachal Pradesh. This is a great way to get out of the mundane and let yourself enjoy the clean and the quiet. Traveling up the Triund trek lets you explore local mountains and go 2000 meters (6,800 feet) above sea level. The Himalayas are breathtaking but will definitely challenge your physical abilities. There are plenty of shops that sell drinks and food, and if you need to, you can pay to use a tent at the top of Triund. If you need to cleanse your lungs of all the city smoke, this is one of the best ways to do so.

Does Southeast Asia sound too far away from home?

You may want to travel to Turkey for a blend of Europe and Asia.

Istanbul, despite whatever rumors you may have heard, is actually a good place for solo travelers. It was built on seven hills, but it’s relatively walkable and even is reasonable to navigate. Check out the Sultanahmet area for a beautiful mosque and bazaar. The people are fantastic and friendly, and many of them speak English. This modern city may remind you of somewhere in Western Europe, but being able to hear the prayers begin at the mosques is an amazing feeling that reminds you you’re across the world.

Moving further west, you can make a stop in Berlin, Germany. Just like many of the places already mentioned, Berlin is a good place for someone doing solo traveling for the first time, because it’s safe, welcoming, and easy to navigate. Many people in Berlin also speak English, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding people to communicate with. You’re also likely to find a lot of former Americans and other travelers. This bustling city has museums, food, historical sites, and much, much more.

Another good stop in Europe is Milan in Italy. Many people use this gorgeous town as a transport hub, but it’s so much more than that. A lot of other Italian cities are busier and more crowded, so Milan may be more your speed if you don’t like so much of the hustle and bustle. Milan has great public transportation, and as any newbie solo traveler will be glad to hear, many people in this city speak English. The Duomo cathedral is a fantastic place to start your travels in. There are actually a lot of things you can do in Milan for free, so don’t worry about draining the bank dry!

In the United Kingdom, you might find yourself drawn to Northern Ireland and Scotland. Belfast in Ireland has everything a new traveler could need, and there are tons of tours available so you can experience the beauty of this green island. Take some time to tour Shankhill, Antrim Coast, and Giant’s Causeway.

In Scotland, take some time for Isle of Skye. You can rent a car, or hitchhike if you’re feeling adventurous. Expect a lot of rain! But the people are fantastic and helpful. If you’re looking for a place that’s super-easy to navigate on your own, with lots of friendly people. Isle of Skye is the perfect place to start.

You should also stop by Edinburg if you’re up for some awesome sight-seeing. There’s a castle, Holyrood Palace, and so much more. The streets are really easy to navigate and get around on, because they’re set up like a grid. You can also find lots of buses and trains that are all easy to use. Plus, there are tons of hostels that let you connect with other travelers, while you can go to local pubs to meet native Scots. There are free and paid tours that can give you a little bit of everything here.

If you’re looking to head to England as a solo traveler, don’t forget to head to Cornwall. This scenic city is like something out of a storybook, with coastal paths, traditional foods, and friendly people. Cornwall is fantastic for exploration, but it’s not so great for your budget or transportation. You should probably look into renting a car, you can go camping and try out AirBnb accommodations. The good thing about that is that this place is gorgeous no matter what time of year you choose to come.

For some less-explored areas of Europe, you should look into Hungary, Estonia, Israel, and the Czech Republic.

Budapest in Hungary is easy-to-access, full of English-speakers, modern, and lively. You can find a great time with nightlife, boat cruises, trains, cafes, and even music festivals. Enrich yourself by learning the history of this amazing city and other parts of Eastern Europe. This is also one of the least expensive places you can go in Europe. Don’t forget to check out the Budavar Castle and Heroes Square, among some of the other tourist spots.

Tallinn in Estonia is less bustling, but it’s interesting and accessible. It’s great for spending a weekend exploring, and it’s often overlooked by the typical tourist. But you’ll find a lot of other travelers in this safe, inexpensive medieval city.

Israel’s Tel Aviv is a creative, dynamic city that is easy-to-navigate, with cafes and bars and a lot of other fun places to meet people and have fun—especially in terms of nightlife! Another benefit of this vibrant city is that everyone speaks English! You’ll find yourself in a home away from home if you find yourself here as a solo traveler.

Here’s one more city to check out if you’re planning on going solo: Prague in the Czech Republic. If you’re interested in staying in the historic areas of town, you can find hotels and hostels. Even better still, you can pretty much walk everywhere of interest. Red trams are a good way to get off your feet for a bit. If you don’t stay near the center of town, make sure you stay near a tram stop. The metro is super-convenient, and just about every area is pretty safe. While a lot of people don’t know English in Prague, you can drop by the university to see if you can find someone to help you out.

For more awesome destinations for solo travelers, check out some of these other cities across the world:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Byron Bay, Australia
  • Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia
  • Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  • Lima, Peru
  • Samoa