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How Proper Nutrition Training & Supplies Helps Businesses

How Proper Nutrition Training & Supplies Helps Businesses

Have you ever considered ways to help your employees and business be more successful? Have you ever wished your team called out sick just a bit less often?

It might be time to consider how proper nutrition training and supplies can help your business. Investing in your employee’s health through proper nutrition training can help them be productive, happy, and healthy.

According to Andrea Holwegner, BSc, RD, “Nutrition has an immediate impact on employee performance. Too often corporate wellness programs focus on fitness and miss the benefits of improved nutrition. Additionally, a Harvard Business Review study found that the ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs can be as high as 6 to 1.

When businesses help their employees with proper nutrition training, they can see a decrease in healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, elevated employee performance and higher rates of employee retention. Some businesses may find it helpful to hire a dietician to come and teach classes to the staff on proper nutrition. Taking it a step further, businesses may also consider offering one-on-one consultations to employees who want to learn about personalized proper nutrition and how they can make changes in their own life.

One way for offices to help provide proper nutrition is simply by offering healthier food options. For office celebrations, rather than simply ordering out for pastries, consider also bringing in a fruit or veggie tray. If drinks are being provided, consider offering more than sodas which offer little to no nutritional value. Instead consider offering sparkling water, unsweetened tea or other low sugar options. If the celebration or event is being catered, ask for healthier options to be included in the offerings.

Considering that unhealthful eating increases the risk of low productivity by 66% (Population Health Magazine), it can also be helpful to offer employees non-food rewards and incentives. While typical office rewards might include food treats at the end of the week, or calorie laden catered meals, brainstorm non-food rewards that could be offered instead. Tickets to a sporting event or concert, casual dress Fridays in the office, music streaming subscriptions, or donation to the charity of their choice can all be worthwhile non-food rewards.

Regardless of what strategies are implemented in your business to help with proper nutrition training, it is important to remember to lead by example. According to one study, approximately 15% of workers don’t take a lunch break and end up mindlessly snacking to satisfy their mid-day hunger pangs and cravings. Create a company culture where lunch breaks are taken and work is set aside. This allows everyone in your business to focus on making healthy choices, which helps your business thrive.

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