Hunting and MREs

Hunting is one of the most dangerous yet a highly thrilling activity pursued all over the world. No one is an alien to what hunting is for, it has existed for thousands of years. The sole requirement for being an accomplished hunter is to have polished reflexes that include a good hand to eye co-ordination. Once a hunter establishes control over all his five senses, there is no beating him in his skill of hunting. The other quality that a hunter should have is the respect for the environment. Hunters are increasing day by day and according to some studies it is estimated that the state of Arizona alone has no less than 6717 hunters. The good side of hunting is the excitement and thrill that it gives. In ancient times, people used to hunt to obtain food for themselves. Nowadays hunting is considered as a thrilling activity. There are people who take hunting as a pure sport that entertains them without much consideration to the ill effects that excessive and insensitive hunting causes. Excessive hunting without regards to the environment and the natural habitat can have a negative impact on the animals and the natural balance. Therefore, if you decide to go on a hunting adventure make sure that you are going to a place that is legalized for hunting and you hunt animals that do not fall in the conserved or endangered species category.

Why people prefer going for a hunt when they want to experience some exhilaration and the singular kick of adventure is because the feeling that the hunter gets while following the animals is similar to the adrenaline rush that a person gets when they skydive for the first time. The hunter feels very free when they are outdoors because of the open weather and sounds of nature. Being with only trees and animals in the wilderness is a very strange yet an exciting feeling. Apart from being venturesome and charging activity that hunting is, it is one activity whose dangers and risks involved no one can deny.

  • One of the dangers comes to surface when the hunter treats animals as a game. Being an over confident hunter can sometimes backfire and lead you to a situation where your target attacks you instead. So you have to be extra careful while you are on the move.
  • The other risk involved is when sometimes hunters hunt their fellow hunters by mistake. A lot of accidents have occurred due to this, and a sport has turned into the reason of the death of people.

As long as you are conditioned well to cope with the risks and well prepared for the worst of circumstances you can always rest assured that your trip will go much better than the ones who do not prepare well. This is to say that hunting, as an outdoor sport is much more than simply taking your gun or your rifle, sitting in your jeep and heading out into the woods. It is preparing for any and every circumstance that might befall you during your trip. If you are planning a camping cum hunting trip, then there is all the more reason to prepare.

Here is how you should go about planning for your hunting trip.

  1. Reach a decision about the kind of hunting you will do. There is no one kind of hunting. The activity has its variety depending upon the kind of animals you want to hunt. Depending upon that you choose the place where you will go. There are some specific kinds of animals that are only found in specific habitats and during a certain period of the year. Pre-planning is required regarding the place you want to go to because every state has its rules and regulations that you need to be aware of before you go for a hunt to that place. Lack of proper research can get you into trouble.
  2. Obtain License: You must have a valid legal license for hunting no matter where you plan to go for a hunt. Without a proper license, you can be in the position of breaking several laws at once, and that can lead to heavy fines and even court trials. Depending upon where you hunt, what you hunt and what time of the year you plan to do that, you might have to obtain more than one license to do it legally. Apart from hunting licenses if you are a high-level hunter who hunts deer and elk you might also have to obtain a tag for that.
  3. Check and re-check the condition of the equipment you intend to take along on the hunting trip. Hunting weapons must be in a proper working condition because the weapons that are not well-maintained misfire. Misfiring can lead to grave injuries. Another thing that you need to consider is the mode of transport that you will be using. It is important that the weapons are transported safely from your starting point to the end point and back. Make sure that no weapon is loaded when you are on the move and that every one of it is in a hard case. If it is your first time hunting, then make sure you obtain some training on how the firearms must be used and handled. If there is a new hunter in your group, then make sure that he/ she knows how the weapon is used and handled. Any carelessness can lead to a mishap.
  4. Check the weather conditions of the place before you leave for the trip. This is an extremely important step that you must perform before you set out on the trip. You do not want to be packed with a sun hat, sunscreen and cotton clothes when you are going to be greeted by a rainy weather. Also, the changes in weather conditions have considerable changes in the way how animals behave. Being aware of the changes is what marks the difference between a successful hunting trip and a pointless hunting trip.
  5. Get the right travel insurance policy. Before you set out on a hunting trip, it is imperative that you have a travel insurance covering you because it involves a lot of risk and danger. No matter how experienced or trained, you cannot rule out the probability of an accident. Since you are out there in a largely wild environment, there is always a possibility of being attacked by a wild animal. There have also been cases where hunters have been shot by fellow hunters, accidentally. Paying the medical bills by oneself can be a huge pressure on the top of the injury. With the right coverage, you can feel relaxed about the fact that if an unfortunate incident occurs you can get the right medical attention.
  6. Packing right: If you are an experienced hunter, you know exactly how much food, water, and clothing you need to pack for the hunting trip. If you are going on a hunt for the first time, you need some guidance because you don’t want to be there and then think about how you forgot to pack an essential.
  • Clothes: Pack clothes according to the season. Make sure that you wear clothes that blend in well with the wilderness and help in camouflaging you so that the animals cannot notice you. Wear full sleeves clothes that cover you from your neck to your feet because in the midst of the forest there are a large number of insects. Insect bites can be a distraction. Also pack a windproof jacket for you if you may need it. Check if the place you are going to has some specific clothing requirements. You might also have to walk for long distances before you finally find an animal to hunt. So pack a comfortable pair of boots. Also, pack an extra in case the previous one gets damaged or wet along with two pairs of socks. Prioritize comfort over the look because you cannot afford a shoe bite on a hunting trip.
  • First Aid Kit: First Aid Kit of a hunter must be well equipped because the worse conditions involve being attacked by an animal or being accidentally shot. Your weapon might also accidentally misfire causing serious injury. So make sure that the kit has the cleaning and dressing equipment. Also, pack insect repellent, sunscreen and prescription drugs.
  • Camping items: If you are planning to stay out during the trip then you must have camping gear with you as well. Depending upon the weather conditions at night pack accordingly. Don’t forget the sleeping bag.
  • Food and Water: If the hunting trip supposed to last for a long time then you need to have the right quantity of water and food. You can pack dry fruits, energy bars and canned fruits and vegetables. But they will not last for a long time. Packing cooking utensils along with raw materials is too much of work after a day of hunting. You can consider buying MREs or Meals, Ready to Eat from military stores. The MREs are made for outdoor purposes where you do not have access to freshly cooked food. It has the health benefits of home cooked food which is why MREs are quite popular among adventurers, campers and backpackers alike. MREs are packed in hermetically sealed environment which makes them retain their nutritional value, unlike canned foods that not only occupy a lot of storage space but are also low on nutrition. Each pack of Meals, Ready to Eat comes with food supply for the entire day including desserts and beverages. You don’t have to worry about carrying eating utensils or even water because the MREs come with them. In short, MREs are not only portable, space saving, ruggedized food packets but are also a form of food supply that are very high in nutritional value, taste and have an amazing shelf life.
  • Other items: The essential items that you need to pack include:
  • A fully charged cell phone
  • GPS to know your location at all times. It is also advisable to study the map of the place you are going to so that you are aware beforehand of where you should go for hunting your prey.
  1. Scouting: Before the actual hunt it is advisable if you go out to the place where you have planned your hunting trip. This will give you an upper hand in your preparation as you will be aware of the weather and the terrain. You can also study the movements of animals which will help you prepare better for when you hunt.
  2. Build your physical strength and stamina. A successful hunter is one who has the stamina to cover the most ground in a single day. This way you can explore more area and hunt more. You need to build your body up for that by engaging in regular exercising, healthy eating and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Have a safe trip!”

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