Just a Short Quiz About MRE Components

“Think you know what XMRE is all about? Do you know just what MRE components are, how to prepare them and what they are good for? Good. We like that kind of confidence. Let’s put that knowledge to the test to see just how close you’ve been paying attention. Answer the following questions about XMRE and meals ready to eat to see just how much you really know:

  1. How long can a human being survive without water?
  2. How long can we survive without food?
  3. What is the shelf life of our MRE components?
  4. True or false: Storing all of your emergency foods in one place is a good idea.
  5. True or false: XMRE only sells to the military and to non-profit organizations.
  6. In what situations should you use meals ready to eat?
  7. What is key in any disaster or emergency situation?

We here at XMRE know the seriousness of what we do; which is why we feel so passionate about it. Knowing that we supply individuals and world organizations alike with live-saving shelf stable food drives us to always do so with integrity, pride and excellence, which is really what we would like the world to know about us.

Now for those answers:

  1. A human can only go three days without water.
  2. We can survive three weeks without food.
  3. Our MRE components last for up to five years.
  4. False. You risk losing your entire food storage if something should cause it to be unusable. Store food in separate areas.
  5. False. XMRE meals ready to eat are available to any individual also.
  6. You can enjoy our shelf stable foods in any situation including camping, hiking or sitting on the couch if you’d like.
  7. Self-sufficiency is paramount during disaster or survival situations and MRE’s allow you to be so.

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