Keeping Yourself Safe during a Tornado: Tornado Safety Tips

“When the wind forgets to be gentle and rushes with a speed of 300 miles an hour or more, there is not much you can do except see destructions happening all around.

Still, there are tips and methods that can keep you safer during even the worst of storms.

What are those? Let us find out.

Techniques to handle an ongoing tornado

Choosing the right shelter
Shelters that are grounded tend to be the safest spots to survive tornadoes without being harmed. Steering clear of doors, windows, exterior walls, etc. is good. Storm cellars and basements are in general safe. Also, the more walls you have between the outside world and you, the better for your safety.

Surrounding yourself with tough things
Flying debris causes the highest number of injuries during tornadoes, so it helps if you stay under a robust table and use the hands as protection guards for your neck and head.

Ditching the car
Waiting inside a vehicle for a tornado to be over is never a good idea. It is alright to drive away successfully from the storm if that is possible, but often that may not be possible. Instead of being inside a car, you should try getting into a canal or ditch and protecting your head with your hands.

Measures to take after a storm is over

Dealing cautiously with injuries
It is best to avoid pulling anyone who seems hurt seriously after a storm is over. That is, as long as there does not seem any emergency need to do that.

Staying updated
Continue keeping track of the situation using the radio or the TV.

Avoiding live wires
Staying away from puddles and downed power lines is necessary, because electricity can shock either directly or through water.

Refraining from open fire use
Candles can be dangerous after a storm if there is a gas leak. So, try sticking with battery flashlights.

Stay away from carbon monoxide production
Do not use grills, camp stoves, generators, etc. in a ventilated room. Carbon monoxide buildup can cause havoc.

Rumors you need to ignore

Tornadoes happen only in certain states
Tornadoes do not just occur in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas. Statistics suggests that all the 50 states are vulnerable to the disaster.

Windows are best kept open
The need for equalizing the pressure is mostly a myth. It is best to keep the windows shut until the storm passes. That way, debris finds it hard to enter the house and injure you.

Bridges tend to be safe spots
Even though you may have heard that parking your car under a strong bridge is a smart move during a tornado, you should understand that even the strongest bridges may collapse anytime during a tough storm.”

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