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MREs Ideal Meal Replacements

Designed by the United States government to feed troops who were deployed and out in the field, MREs are meals that can be easily taken with them into a battlefield. These meals have all of the required nutrients that are necessary to feed a soldier and give them all of the vital nutrition that is needed for them on a regular day.

These meals are ‘wet’ and require only a small amount of water and a heat activation pack to warm up to a nice eating temperature in minutes.

As ready to eat meals these are lightweight and easy to take along when a soldier is out in the field. They have anywhere from 300 to 3000 calories depending on the particular type of meal entre and side dishes included in the specific meal.

During the Y2K scare as the world prepared to enter the year 2000, many doomsday preppers began to notice that these meals were popping up on such places as Military surplus stores, eBay and other places that would help a person to be prepared for an emergency situation.

Unfortunately, the meals weren’t legal for civilians. Military supplies, even surplus, were slated for government employee’s only so it was technically illegal for anyone to purchase such meals.

The manufacturers that prepared these meals solved the problem by beginning to produce the MREs for civilians, such MRE meals for sale on our website. Although the civilian rations are slightly different in that they don’t include such items as toilet paper and sometimes condiments, they were comparable and a much sought-after commodity that would quickly grow in popularity.

Today, all of the manufacturers that prepared the military MREs, now prepare civilian MREs that offer the same nutritional quality as their military rations without the stipulation that only government personnel can own them.

There are many websites online that offer these for sale, and they also have the manufacturers websites, such us, that offer them as well. Available in a variety of flavors, these are readily available in singles and case lots.

Many people today are stocking up on them and using them for their food storage and finding a variety of ways to save money by purchasing them in bulk.

Today’s emergency preparedness groups rely heavily upon such foodstuffs, and there are many who are working together to stockpile these for any emergency including weather calamities such as hurricanes or tornadoes as well as blizzards and other cataclysmic events such as earthquakes.

As these are rather high priced, it’s best to work together to purchase them in bulk which can result in a considerable discount for such ready to eat meals.

There are many varieties, and they also carry snacks. For those meals that don’t have a heat pack in them, there are flameless ration heaters that can be placed into an opened meal with the proper amount of water added and the flameless ration heater or FRH will heat the meal to serving temperature within 15 minutes.

These meals pack all of the required nutritional power required for an adult, and they can also be purchased in smaller sized units that make them ideal for children.

Perfect for campers, hikers, kayakers, boating, emergency food storage, power outages and more, these meals offer all of the required nutrition for a person to survive any emergency.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you’d like them, you can sign up on the mailing list for the manufacturer’s websites and watch for specials that offer steep discounts on the products.

Many will send out a monthly newsletter, and various entrees will be on sale each month, so there is ample opportunity to sample various flavors at steep discounts.

You can also purchase them in bulk through church groups, prepper groups and other groups that advocate having some food stored away for emergencies.

Keep in mind that each individual company is slightly different and works somewhat differently. It’s always wise to try a few samples and find out exactly what you do and don’t like in flavors.

You can also find these in some camping or sporting goods stores as well as military surplus stores and stores that sell foods for huge sized families.

Remember to watch for deals and opportunities to save money on your MREs. Also, be aware that while you can purchase these on such sites as eBay, you need to check the manufacture date.

This is the date that the products were manufactured and each particular company lists these slightly differently. The goal here is to avoid products that were manufactured over five years ago as this can often result in a slightly stale product.

Even though these are shelf stable for up to 5 years, you want a product that is as fresh as possible, so learn how each manufacturer lists their manufacturer date before you buy.

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MREs Ideal Meal Replacements
MREs Ideal Meal Replacements

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