Nepal Adventure 10 of the Most Fascinating Treks in Nepal

Nepal, the home of great Himalaya is a magical place and hundreds of thousands of adventure enthusiasts flock there every single year. Mother Nature has gifted this landlocked country, located in south Asia, with rivers, forests, high mountains, and picturesque landscape. In fact, this beautiful country, which borders China and India, is home to eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. Did you know that the highest point on planet earth is found in Nepal? This is the home of the famous Mount Everest.

With such striking features, Nepal presents a great destination for nature lovers and it is the best place for trekking. For this article, the purpose is to highlight some of the most fascinating places for Nepal trekking adventure.

10 of the Best Destinations for Nepal Trekking Adventure

1. Everest base Camp

Attracting over 25,000 trekkers annually, Everest base camp presents a wonderful trekking terrain and a gratifying trekking experience. You will have the chance to closely observe Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, which stands at 8,850 metres. You will also see many other magnificent peaks, such as Lhotse and Nuptse, as well as breath-taking mountain landscapes. Likewise, you will get to meet the Sherpa people who are known best for their climbing prowess.

2. Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

When it comes to the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal, Langtang is ranked number three. Moreover, you cannot say that you had the best of Langtang Gosiakunda trek if you missed places like Gosaikunda lake, Kengen Gompa, and Laurabina pass. It is worth noting that Langtang village, heading to Kengen Gompa, suffered serious damage from the massive earthquake that hit the region in April 2015. Fortunately, other safe trekking courses have been opened and functioning. It can take you 2-3 weeks to cover the entire trek.

3. Ghorepani Poon hill Trek

Another one of the most fascinating places for Nepal adventure is the beautiful and easy Ghorepani Poon hill Trek. Poon hill is among the best destinations for those who wish to have a splendid view of Mountains. The spectacular Mountain landscape and the stunning cultural villages are some of the most remarkable features that earn Ghorepani Poonhill trekking its massive popularity.

This trek boasts an amazing trekking trail that every lover of nature and picturesque scenery will definitely enjoy. Ghorepani Poonhill trek presents you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of the Annapurna area within a short trek. You will have awe-inspiring views of:

  • Annapurna South – 7219 metres
  • Machhapuchchhre – 6997 metres
  • Dhaulagiri – 8167 metres
  • Himchuli – 6437 metres

Ghorepani Poon hill trekking track passes through incredibly thick rhododendron forests, which feature various bird species, Langur, as well as deep subtropical valleys. All this lies below the Annapurna area, with the scenic furrowed peak of Machhapuchhare. The trek will lead you through the eye-catching orchids and beautiful views of the magnificent mountains. In fact, it is regarded as the best trek for beginner trekkers.

It is also worth noting that Ghorepani Poon hill Trek begins from the stunning Modi Kholar river, passing through the cultural villages and farm terraces, as you enjoy the spectacular view of Machhapuchare.

4. Amphu Lapha Pass Trek

Nepal adventure cannot be complete without experiencing what Amphu Lapcha Pass has to offer. In spite of the fact that Amphu Lapcha Pass is among the most challenging in the Himalayas, it presents on of the most exhilarating adventure experiences. This place is popular for being home to scenic lakes and numerous historical monasteries temples.

If you want to have the best of Amphu Lapha Pass Trek, consider visiting between April and May or between September and November. It can take you about 3 weeks to cover the entire trip, with a chance to have awesome views of the majestic Mount Everest.

It is worth noting that Amphu Lapha Pass Trek is recommended for proficient trekkers. This is in light of the fact that it is one of the most difficult Passes in Nepal and you need to be exceptionally fit o manage it.

5. Manaslu Circuit Trek

For trekking enthusiasts who want to have exceptionally striking views of the peaks located on the Nepal – Tibet border, the Manaslu Circuit should be their trek of choice. While going around the towering Mount Manaslu, which is ranked number 8 among the tallest mountains in the world, you will enjoy the fascinating scenery of Manaslu.

Manaslu Circuit Trek passes through some eye-catching Tibetan and Hindu-style villages plus a couple of olden Buddhist monasteries for your exploration. If you want to experience the best of Manaslu Circuit Trek, you should visit between March and May or between October and November.

Something else you should know about this particular trek is that regulations require that you should be at least two trekkers in the company of a Nepali guide in order to be allowed to trek at the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

6. Upper Mustang Trekking

It may have been a forbidden kingdom in the past, but that never stopped the walled city of Lo Monthang to become one of the most sought after destinations for Nepal adventure lovers. With its exceptional Tibetan culture and strikingly fascinating rocky terrain, the upper Mustang trek presents a perfect environment to trekking enthusiasts.

If you want to enjoy Upper Mustang Trekking to the maximum, consider visiting in Monsoon. It doesn’t rain much during this time, thanks to the leeward side of Annapurna range. It is also worth noting that the famous annual Tiji festival takes place in May. This is therefore the best time to visit Lomanthang if you want to enjoy the awesome monks’ mask dance.

7. Gokyo Valley Trekking

The Gokyo Valley Trekking is actually a legendary traditional trekking track in the glorious Everest area. It presents scenic views of the gigantic Mount Everest plus a couple of other remarkable mountains in the Himalayas. Gokyo Valley Trekking also gives you the opportunity to pass through one of the largest glaciers in Nepal as well as the Himalayas’ largest river, Sapta Koshi River.

Sapta Koshi is highly valued by the residents of Gorkyo valley region as it is their primary source of water. Besides enjoying the spectacular natural scenery along the trek, you will also get the chance to explore the local culture and historical heritages of Kathmandu. The best times to have the best of Gokyo Valley Trekking are between March and May as well as between October and November.

Unlike some Nepal adventure treks like Amphu Lapha Pass Trek, which are only recommended for experience trekkers, Gokyo Valley Trekking is suitable for even novice trekkers with no proper skills.

8. Annapurna Base Camp

Attracting over 100,000 trekking lovers every year, Annapurna Base Camp offers you a wonderful opportunity to stand face-to-face with the 8091 metre-high Mount Annapurna, which is known best as the most dangerous mountain in the world to climb. Annapurna Base Camp presents a true trekking experience in light of the fact that it offers one of the shortest trekking durations.

Namely, the fascinating trail that features spectacular topography can be covered in only 10 days. It is also worth noting that Annapurna Base Camp is near the city of Pokhara, which is also worth exploring.

9. Upper Doldo Trek

If you want to explore some of the remotest and largely unexposed regions of the Northern Nepal, then you need to follow the trails of the Upper Doldo Trek. Did you know that, despite being so remote, this region was picked as the principal site for the filming of the Himalaya movie, which went on to get nominated for the 1999 Oscar Awards?

This is sufficient proof that this region is an outstanding place, which can undeniably offer one the best trekking experiences. Besides revelling in the panoramic views presented by the Upper Doldo Trek, you will also get the opportunity to explore the arts and culture of the Tibetans dwelling in that area. Likewise, you may come across some of the beautiful Himalayan wild animals, like Musk Deer and snow leopard.

If you want to enjoy this remote region to the maximum, the best times to visit are between March and May as well as between October and November. It is worth noting that you should be extremely fit and healthy as the 4-7 hours a day trek is usually very strenuous.

10. Kanchanjunga Base Camp Trek

For the trekkers who want to explore the cultural and natural endowment of the eastern Nepal, Kanchanjunga Base Camp should be their trek of choice. Kanchanjunga Base Camp trek leads to the foot of the world’s second highest mountain – Mount Kanchajunga. The trail passes through the wild high-mountain topography, deep into the isolated mountain ranges on the borders of Nepal with Tibet and Sikkim. If you’re a Nepal adventure enthusiast looking to see some of the most exotic wildlife of Asia, Kanchanjunga is the region to visit.

Something else worth mentioning about Kanchanjunga Base Camp Trek is that you must be at least two trekkers in the company of a Nepali guide in order to be allowed to trek this camp.

Nepal Adventure Trekking Essentials

Trekking in Nepal is characterized by exposure to the harsh environments of the Himalayas. As such, adventure lovers who want to have a close view of these majestic mountains must be prepared properly. There are a couple of essential things that you need to equip yourself with to be set for the challenging task ahead.

When it comes to clothing, gears, and food, you have to make smart choices. That’s the only way to ensure a comfortable and fun-filled Nepal adventure trekking experience. Here are the most essential things you need:

  • Trekking Boots – You must have proper trekking footwear. Otherwise, your trekking experience will be hell. Therefore, be sure to have a great pair of waterproof trekking boots, with an excellent grip for difficult treks.

  • Down Jacket – Weather is one of the unpredictable things when it comes to trekking. Down jackets are recommended for trekking expeditions. This is because they’re light and very compressible to carry in the backpack. In light of the fact that they can be quite costly to buy, you can consider renting them in places like Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Namche Bazaar.

  • Hats – Hats are essential for keeping yourself warm in chilly weather. Likewise, they can safeguard you from sunburns. You should acquire wide hats that will safeguard your neck and ears from the chilly weather or the scorching sun.

Other essential include sunglasses, sunscreen, gaiters, personal first aid kit, binoculars, spot light, and umbrella. When it comes to food, you need to carry something that is not only nutritious, but will also last you several days without going bad. That’s why MRE (meal ready to eat) foods are recommended.

MREs refer to meals that are ready to eat and don’t require any kind of preparation. They have been completely cooked beforehand and do not even require refrigeration. You can choose to eat them cold or warm. To be sure of the quality and safety of the ready – to – eat meal, it is advisable to only buy from reputable companies. In that light, we at XMRE we are one of the most reputable company that makes and supplies MRE foods. XMRE takes great pride in using Military Grade Technology to produce nourishing meals with long shelf-life.

Armed with these essentials, you are assured of having the best and memorable trekking experience in Nepal.

Final Thoughts

Trekking is among the most adventurous activities you can ever experience. In fact, it is a test of courage and stamina. When it comes to trekking destinations for trekking tourists and nature lovers, few places in the world can match the fascinating beauty and amiable culture of Nepal. This beautiful landlocked country is endowed with some of the world’s tallest mountains, beautiful rivers, thick forests, picturesque landscapes, as well as rich culture and historical heritages. All these provide for a great and memorable trekking experience.

In addition, you cannot talk of having experienced the best of Nepal adventure trekking if you have not tried any of the 10 most fascinating treks that the country has to offer.

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