Survival Food and Survival Pocket Kit

“If part of humanity somehow managed to escape the apocalypse, it will be faced with a fundamental problem with the search for food. Most likely ‘stores will open on Saturday’, probably will not work.

Therefore, part of our preparation for the end of the world must necessarily include the stockpiling of certain foods. To facilitate shopping, we will share with you the survival food kits that will help you to survive surely.

Survival food list:

Although a time suffers certain biochemical processes, resulting in changes, it is virtually immortal. According to the US National Council of honey (National Honey Board), if stored properly, the product may be edible for centuries.

Although not having the same nutritional value as other foods (in terms of vitamins and minerals). Honey can obtain the human organism certain simple sugars, and moreover to be used for the treatment of wounds and burns.

Ready to eat food packages
So-called Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs) are especially popular in the US and help fight hunger American soldiers since 1981. Each package is characterized by its portable size, it requires almost no preparation before being consumed and contains 1200 calories needed by the human body.

MREs meals include meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables, etc., there are special packages for vegetarians. Stored well can withstand five years.

On the market, they are known as ready to eat (RTE – Ready to Eat) and ready for cooking (Ready to Cook RTC) foods. Development of packaging technologies in recent years allows them to keep fit for a long time.

With a little facetious tone of “”Business Insider”” indicate that in times of crisis, the presence of hard alcohol is a must. Aside from the idea of a post-apocalyptic party, however, spirits are very suitable for cleaning wounds.

Although it is suitable for many years, over time the solid alcohol nevertheless loses part of its properties (or, so to speak, “”weaken””).

Peanut butter
Americans loved this product, It is already very popular in Europe. Besides being compact, as each canned food, it will not spoil quickly, standing unopened in your kitchen cupboard. What makes peanut butter very useful food suitable for people who have just survived the apocalypse is its high content of E vitamin. This ingredient is crucial for the processes of the liver and kidneys and, also, to extend further its properties the shelf life of food.

Canned or dried beans
Protein-rich legumes are one of the best foods for crisis situations. This is especially true for beans – canned or dry, you can stock up for years to come. Also, in the stores it comes with different tastes. A combination of rice, another vital culture gives our body the full range of necessary amino acids.

As we have said, rice is vital to the human diet for centuries. Besides being rich in proteins, it is cheap, it cooks quickly and easily and is, so to speak, “”self-sufficient.”” In other words, though you may find a place in almost any dish, which can be consumed without being combined with other ingredients.

Milk powder
Milk powder is one of the pillars of the organizations for assistance, providing food supplies to destitute or needy people worldwide. It represents simple keeping and durable alternative at a time when we have no access to ‘real’ milk. And while it is not the most charming culinary ingredient, dry milk can be used for various dishes and prepared in different ways. Experts define it as almost “”immortal”” and when its time comes though, you can quickly find out – if it turns yellow, it is time to throw it away.

The Japanese version of Italian spaghetti may not be the healthiest food, but will definitely be useful after a global catastrophe. Each paste and Noodle are very filling and not particularly expensive, making them a good buy. Like other listed products, they can last longer without spoiling. Besides mild and almost not occupy space.

Pocket survival kit

Pocket survival kit are all those “”trifles”” and useful items that can increase your chances to survive when you get in an extreme situation, gathered into a small box that you can wear inconspicuous in a pocket of your robe.

Each of these items has earned his place in the set and has proven itself in real situations. Many of you will make sure to note the inclusion of additional useful things on the list, but I think it is most needed. If we make the survival kit with all the items that are useful in terms of survival, it will get a package weighing several kilos and volume as a small backpack. Such kits are used by pilots, commandos, and Special Forces and they definitely do not fit the definition of “”pocket””.

The idea of the pocket size is not, as some “”savvy”” in the forums and some sites to brag that we can do so little to fill their time with useless things. The idea is to make a suit that is both the most useful and is a minimum size that will cause discomfort when wearing it and tempt us to leave it at home. You never know when it will have to resort to help you. In such cases, you will be very happy that it is with you.
Those familiar with the matter will notice a certain similarity with survival kits, quoted in the books of John Wiseman and similar guides for survival. Our answer is: “”There is no need to reinvent the wheel””. Their content has been tested and proven in practice. There are certainly some of our additions deem useful.

We think the kit will be helpful for many tourists, cyclists, fishermen, hunters and even people who do not usually deal with such things. Drugs and some of the items included in it are often applicable in everyday life, and would be great if it is constantly at hand.

Move on to the preparation of the set.
The case, which will fit all items supplied must be of a size no larger than your hand. So it will fit in any pocket.

There are two options: to a metal or plastic material. Plastic is light and in many cases quite healthy, but we stick to metal cans. The metal has several advantages:

The metal bends but does not break.

The inside side of the lid can be polished to a Mirror, to be used for signaling.

Flameproof. Even with a small volume can be used for boiling water, frying, and even the preparation of small food portions.

Suitable boxes of tobacco, candy, cigars, perfumes, etc. The box shown here is of candy and has dimensions of 9.3 x 6 x 2 cm. The lid is hinged, which is also preferable.

Recommended content of the kit:
1. Secret needles. Useful for attaching the ends of torn clothing, bandages, cloth and others. Can be used as improvised hooks for fish. In the case, we took 2 pieces of different sizes.
2. The needles for sewing. Two standard and a larger, with a large loop, which allows the use of thicker goes, tendons, strings, etc. Needles are also useful in other situations, such as extraction of thorns and slivers of skin and others.
3. The small medical package, including the main groups of drugs: antihistamines, analgesics, gastrointestinal, disinfectants.
4. Alergozan – Symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis; hay fever; allergic skin reactions – rash, itching, insect bites, dermatographic urticaria; drug and food allergies. Quantity required for a one-day treatment – 3 tablets.
5. Aspirin – often used as an analgesic, antipyretic (for fever), and influenza, such as anti-inflammatory and rheumatic and other diseases, 2 tablets.
6. Ibuprofen – Acute and severe pain after surgery or injury; pain in tumors, colic, other acute or chronic severe pain as they are contraindicated other therapeutic agents; high body temperature, which is not affected by other means. 2 tablets.
7. Paracetamol – Analgesic and temperature lowering, 2 tablets
8. Buscolysin – Complex treatment of diseases such as spasms of the esophagus and cardia; gastroduodenitis and peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum; spastic constipation; bile crises; renal colic; tenesmus bladder; spasm of tribal roads during childbirth; lihiometra; vomiting of different origin. The amount for a one-day treatment 3 tablets.
9. Lopedium – In acute diarrhea, 2 tablets.
10. Activated carbon – is used in cases of mild forms of diarrhea, poisoning and overdoses occurring after oral administration because it eliminates the absorption of toxins from the digestive tract. Contraindicated administration of activated charcoal in cases of absorbed acid, alkali or petroleum product. It can be used as part of a simple water filter, placing himself in a straw through which to drink water.
11. Auli – Strong anesthetic. In acute trauma, renal crisis and severe pain of any origin.
12. Cotton, in the form of pressed pads. Cleaning wounds, campfires compresses and others.
13. A small magnifying glass. The basis for fires with the help of the broken sunlight. Pre sure it is strong enough to handle it. Another useful application is in pulling thorns, splinters, stings and other giveaways from the skin, eye, etc.
14. Fishing cord coiled in a small tube. The thickness of 0.20 and has a length of about 15 meters. Useful for catching fish, frogs, preparing snares and traps for birds, rodents, etc. It can be used to assemble the different materials.
15. Magnetic arrow of a compass – Located on a sharp needle or on a sheet floating in the water, indicates the direction to the north. This could be used as a miniature compass, which are sold in stores, but only after making sure that really accurate.
16. Sterile scalpel blade – Cuts perfectly. Useful for mini-operations, cutting pieces of fabric, rope, etc.
17. Synthetic rope length of about a meter and a half. It can be used for various purposes, such as attachment of different parts of clothing, making loops for campfires method “”Bow Drill””.
18. Mini LED flashlight – has a longer life than the conventional light bulb and slowly “”eats”” the life of the batteries.
19. Small pencil – For taking notes and leaving notes to your possibly seeking rescue teams.
20. Leyconate – For superficial wounds, 2 patches.
21. Condom – In case it is not included because it’s standard application (which in our time really may be lifesaving). Very useful for sealing of various objects, such as matches, mobile phone, GPS, clock, etc. Placed in dodgy arm or leg of a garment can be transformed into an ideal reservoir for water collecting around one liter of water. Filled with a little water and pressed into the form of a magnifying lens, may be used for lighting of a fire by focusing the sun’s rays.
22. Dressing gauze – Prepare compress bandages, cleaning wounds and even of simple water filter. Also placed on the remaining items of kit helps compaction of content to not shuffle and track.
23. Welded tube filled with iodine tincture – disinfecting wounds, purification of water and more.
24. Small candle carved to square – The square shape better fits in the box and saved space. The candle is useful in making fires, as well as providing light.
25. Container with two compartments, respectively, filled with potassium permanganate and sugar – It is convenient to use the disposable butane lighter, as is the case. Padded with cotton and stuck with scotch the content is practically hermetically closed. Potassium permanganate has many applications: disinfecting wounds, fight fungal infections, gastric lavage and purification of water (pale pink solution – for 20 minutes makes the water drinkable; pink – for washing and disinfection, and dark pink – to combat fungal and bacterial infections). Sugar is useful for hypoglycemia (drop in blood sugar). Mixing potassium permanganate and sugar in various ratios (1: 5, 1: 9) resulted in an unstable mixture, which may combust in the instillation of a drop of water or placed between the frictions parts of the pieces of wood to which you want to start fire. Instillation of Glycerin on potassium permanganate leads to almost instant, spontaneous combustion.
26. Aluminum foil – Piece size 30×30 cm, neatly folded to the required size. It can be used for making improvised containers for water, cooking food and making reflective surfaces that are useful in warning rescue teams.
27. Set of fishing hooks and weights – Besides standard used for fishing, they can be used to capture birds, amphibians and reptiles.
28. Matches – The length of the matches was shortened to save space. Match heads are submerged in the molten paraffin, to achieve a particular water resistance. However, the chance of starting a fire is one of the most important in a survival situation.
29. Rubber tubing length 30-40 cm – With it you can drink water from inaccessible places, such as rock crevices or hollows of trees. There are other applications, such as the cutting of small rings of it, which is attached to the cord at a float fishing, use it as a belt to stop arterial bleeding, etc.

These are the things that we decided to put in a pocket survival kit. There are two or three that we wanted to join in, but not found them. But anyway we can always add them when we get them.

These are stone lighter roller is plus (there was some widespread in the past lighters “”Clipper””, of which the whole mechanism which supplies the spark, subtract one part and can operate independently). With this, the mechanism may ignite cotton or other suitable material, the principle of magnesium lighters Primus example. The other is a small horn.

If you have space left and we would recommend a metallic core, which is suitable for preparing traps and other things.

Done! Already have a pocket survival kit. But it does not end here. To benefit from it, you can build a habit always to carry it with you. Furthermore, you should periodically open and review the content”

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