The Coolest Outdoor Towns in the USA: Our Top 8 Picks

“America has hundreds of amazing little towns scattered throughout its land that offer good outdoor fun year-round. Among the many such towns, only a few are real delights, however. So we picked the best eight among the many.

Note that each of the towns listed below is not only very economically sound, but also has great outdoor adventures on offer at the heart and is very much livable throughout the year:

1. Haleiwa in HI
This town has everything you need to stay happy. In the morning, you can let your taste buds be mesmerized by visiting Coffee Gallery to eat fantastic pastries! Or you can get a freshly prepared acai bowl at the Haleiwa Bowls in case you prefer so. During the day, you can either go biking or you can pick hiking. The North Shore path is great for that! Lunch is guaranteed to be fulfilling and tasty if you choose Pupukea Grill as your repose. When you fancy beer, on the other hand, you can always visit the Turtle Bay Bar! There is no shortage of delicious eateries in the town. Waialua Bakery is great, and so is Haleiwa Bowls. Plus, Pupukea Grill is absolutely fantastic, too. From the Bar and Surfer making music lovers go gaga to Coffee Gallery impressing coffee lovers from all backgrounds, the town’s establishments amaze in nearly every single way. For getting gears, right places are Guava Shop, Two Crows Surfboards, Number 808 and Surf N Sea.

2. Bishop in CA
In the morning, you can either go for a coffee or tea inside The Black Sheep; the place offers great breakfast, too. Then you can route climb in the Pine Creek if you wish. You can even take your bike in the morning and ride through the beautiful route connecting Mammoth and Round Valley. Moreover, indulging in bouldering sessions in Tablelands or Buttermilks is always a great idea when you are in Bishop. And when it is dinner time, The Mountain Rambler Brewery will satisfy you without a doubt. The place also happens to be great for beer lovers, by the way. Another good place for your beer craving is The Black Sheep, offering happy hour daily between 4 and 6. Noteworthy eating places include Las Palmas, Thai Thai, Schats Roadhouse, etc. For coffee lovers, the best place in the town is The Black Sheep. Other than that, when it comes to gears, Eastside Sports and Gear Exchange rock!

3. Chattanooga in TN
This city gives you enough opportunities to indulge in some exciting whitewater rafting and kayaking. You can immerse yourself in mountain biking, too. Besides, road biking is always a hit in Chattanooga. Other than that, for a bit of sandstone climbing experience, you can head to the Little Rock City on the Signal Mountain. Notably enough, this town doesn’t become boring even when days are very hot and rainy. That is because you can visit an indoor climbing gym during such days. The area even has great canyoneering spots! And for those who love to eat, Chattanooga offers The Terminal Brewhouse, Aretha Frankensteins, Sofa King Juicy Burger, Farmers Market and more. Eco-farmed Coffee provided by Milk and Honey, for example, is a real treat. That can also be said about the beers served in the Terminal Brewhouse. Further, Mountain Opry is a good spot for music lovers. And for any gear needs, you can visit The Gear Closet and Rock Creek.

4. Salida in CO
Salida feels different during winter than it feels during summer. That is because, during winter, you can enjoy Monarch Pass, non-holiday weekdays, etc. During summer, on the other hand, you can check out S Mountain, which offers insane single track mountain biking opportunities. Summer is also great for paddling on water during the afternoon. Note that when you are in Salida, your stomach will thank you, as Benson’s will come to your rescue with its delicious burgers, bluegrass, beers, etc. Besides, Amica’s is a great destination for those who love homemade pizzas. Other than that, if you have a soft spot for natural groceries, Ploughboy is where you need to be. For caffeine lovers, G Street is heaven, as Cafe Dawn is located there. Salida does not just stop there. Finding gears is also easy in the town. Good equipment shops are Subculture Cyclery, Salida Mountain Sports, etc. And if music is your thing, you will love The SteamPlant Theater.

5. San Luis Obispo in CA
When you are in San Luis Obispo, after the sun shines, you can go for a predawn hike in the Prefumo Canyon, or you can just surf check. You can drive through See Canyon too, as the morning light looks really golden and stunning! Then, reaching Avila Beach, you can indulge in acai bowl treat at KravaBowl. Later during the day, be sure to check out the Shell Beach Trail or go to the Bishop’s Peak. Additionally, spending time on the beach and taking some beer in at Bang the Drum is an excellent idea.

6. Jackson Hole in WY
From Melvin Brewing and Snake River Brewery making beer lovers happy to Pica’s, Teton Thai and Persephone taking care of food carvings of everyone, this town has a lot on its plate. Teton Pass morning mountain rides can be especially fantastic, and that goes for hiking up the Phelps Lake, too. Delta Lake located in the Grand Teton Park has good hiking spots, as well. You can even do river surfing by making Snake River your thrill partner. The town is great for music lovers also, as it has several exciting venues, including The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and The Pink Garter.

7. Valdez in AK
Valdez is a very versatile town. In winter, you can view Valdez via a helicopter. You can even use a snow machine for that purpose! Keystone Canyon of the town has a number of waterfalls in which you can ice climb. In addition to that, Mineral Creek trails are good for some adventure. If you visit the town in summer, you can check out Lowe River, Shoup Glacier, and many other attractions. Sport’s climbing, bouldering and halibut fishing are especially popular summer sports in the town. Many people enjoy fishing on Robe River for dollies, too. You can even go trekking in the Valdez Glacier. As far as beers go, Wheelhouse Lounge is a popular name. If you just want to enjoy food, you can check out Totem Restaurant and some other spots. In case caffeine is important in your life, you may find Sacred Grounds fascinating. Apart from that, when it comes to gears, you will be able to locate anything and everything at Prospector Outfitters.

8. Moab in UT
In Moab, there is a place called Wake and Bake that serves excellent breakfast and coffee. Eklecticafe is an equally popular coffee destination in the town. If you love good views, there is Hunter Canyon for you. If you love burger, then Moab Brewery is where you need to go. You even have the option to go to Arches National Park, which lets you enjoy a 1.5-miles long hike. The town is great for adventure sports, as well; particularly mountain biking through Amasa Back, Slickrock, and a few other places can be truly fun. Also, sunset tour through the Moab Adventure Centre is something you should not miss. In case you are especially into beer, you can check out Eddie McStiff’s. And, of course, to cater to the needs of food lovers, a number of right places exist in Moab. For example, The Desert Bistro, Zax Restaurant, Quesadilla Mobilla, Moab Diner Cowboy Grill, etc. Coffee lovers will enjoy going to Moab Coffee Roasters and Wicked Brew. For music, Woody’s Tavern can be a good place.”

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