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Top Ten Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life Someday

“Our modern society structure has made living easy for us. However, still, there are many reasons why you may want to learn how to survive without all the twenty-first century blessings taking care of you.
These are the primary survival skill sets you need to learn as soon as possible:

1. Camping and backpacking
Backpacking can teach you many things. Like how to improvise well, how to carry an extra load and still move comfortably, how to find water in a forest, etc. The same goes with real camping.

2. Using firearms
When you learn how to shoot guns, you not only get close to hunting, but also learn how to defend yourself when necessary.

3. Protecting yourself
Traditional martial arts lessons are great for making you fit and giving you some good fighting skills. If the only thing you worry about is defending yourself, then you may want to master real combat arts, too.

4. Cooking without modern supplies
If you find yourself in an awkward situation, you usually do not have supermarkets and grocery stores near you. So learning how to cook with whatever primitive tools you possess is a great skill to master.

5. Off-road skills
Riding and driving on the smooth roads of your city may not be too hard, but that changes suddenly when you go off-road. So learning how to navigate your vehicle expertly and safely on rough roads is a handy skill.

6. Using bow and arrow
Archery is cheap to learn, excellent for self-defense and hunting, and you can use a single arrow again and again!

7. Learning how to fix the car
Everyone can pay the mechanic and have his or her car fixed. However, if you want to ensure your survival during tough times, learning how to fix your car is important.

8. Mastering the art of fishing
Knowing how to fish well can sometimes make all the difference between whether you starve to death or enjoy a hearty meal amidst a forest.

9. Going hunting
Learning how to hunt is an excellent skill to master, as well. Even if you view hunting as somewhat unethical, still it is important to learn because without knowing how to hunt, surviving in a remote place is going to be hard.

10. Reading for long hours
You may find reading enjoyable or boring, depending on who you are. Regardless, reading is an extremely important skill. You do not need anything to read other than books, but you learn pretty much everything there is to know.”