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What Does Each MRE Meal Usually Contain

Survivalist, hikers, campers, and the military like to have food that is ready to eat without doing a lot of work to it. However, sometimes people will ask themselves what type of meal can we have that is like this? Well, the answer is rather easy to find and it is nothing more than the MRE meals that are available for both the civilian world, in a civilian and military form. Some people, though, are still fairly stumped on what these meals contain and it comes from the lack of exposure to them. With this being the case, here is some basic information about the MRE meals so people can find the meal that will best suit their nutritional needs.

As a quick answer, an MRE meal is a completely balanced meal. This means it will cover almost all of the nutrition requirements people have each day, but it may not provide the dessert and other goodies that people are used to getting. So people need to be aware of this before they go out and think they have found a great option to remove all the food in the pantry. Not to mention the packaging for these meals is usually meant to withstand a lot of abuse, which can make it harder for people to eat at times. With that being the case, here is what the general MRE is going to contain.

An entree is one of those things that people are going to enjoy the most and know this is one of those features that makes the meal. For example, some of the MREs are going to have some of the spaghetti, a soup, or even some type of a stew. These meals are usually the hearty meals and definitely going to be something that is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to find the right food and know it is a meal that you are going to enjoy. Granted, as a word of caution it will not taste like the Italian restaurants spaghetti or your mom’s beef stew.

Now what goes along with the main entree of the meal is nothing more than a side dish. The side dish is going to be one that compliments the entree, but it is also going to be a dish that you will enjoy eating. The downside is it will have the same effect as your entree that it will not taste like the food that your mom makes, but it will have a good taste quality to it. Not to mention, if you are down to the point of eating the MRE for a meal then you will most likely just want to have the food and not really be concerned about the taste quality.

Crackers or bread is sometimes considered a side dish, but often it is included as an extra item. Now it depends on what the entree is what you get here, but it is going to provide you with the extra nourishment you need to have and this will make it easier for you to have a great meal that is properly balanced for the food selections. A good example, is more of a bread type for spaghetti and crackers for the soups you are going to get. Not to mention in addition to the bread or crackers you will have a topping for them that is going to be something like spreadable cheese for the crackers or peanut butter and jelly for the bread. So if you are allergic to nuts please use caution when getting these.

Candy and a dessert are something else that tends to be included with these meals. Just like in school when you would have your lunch packed for you, this is going to come with a dessert and some candy for you to enjoy. The best part is you usually will not have the bully taking it from you. The desserts are usually some type of a cake or some type of item that you would like. The candy is generally going to be M&Ms or something that is great for you to eat.

A drink and seasoning for the food is going to round out the edible portion of the food. Usually you would not think about this, because the food can be bland, but the seasoning definitely helps out with this regard. However, people will find the drink is one that is balanced and tends to provide you with the electrolytes that you may have lost during the day while people were hiking or camping or fleeing.

Finally people find the untesil, and the heating pad to come in very handy as well. These tools will help to keep the item contained to one item and allows people to avoid having to bring along a ton of extra items with them. This also makes it easier to use these if a disaster were to strike at any area.

Finding the best meal when hiking, camping, or trying to survive can be a difficult thing to do. By knowing about the MRE meals and what they usually contain it quickly becomes easier to see these meals are the best option available for people to use. Then they will be able to get the meals and know they are going to get the proper nutrition, but also avoid having to get anything extra.

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