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Will 2020 Be The Year Of RV Traveling?


Did you know that the RV and camper van rental business is a nearly $300 million industry? And that number has been slowly growing over the last several years. With all the concerns surrounding air travel this year, its been shown that 2020 will be the year of RV traveling. Here are a few reasons why RV travel is a great option for a family vacation this year and our thoughts on whether the trend is sustainable.

RV traveling gives you the option to be flexible with adventures! Since an RV is essentially your vehicle and accommodations all rolled into one, you have a wide variety of options of where to go, when to go, and where to stay. You can make choices along the way without having to worry about finding a hotel not yet at capacity, or an open restaurant. You can quickly change your destination if an area’s restrictions change. You also have the flexibility to move around as little or as much as you want, giving you the option to see so much more!

Not only does RV traveling give you flexibility but it also allows you to maintain your own safe environment while traveling. In a year with many concerns related to health and safety, people are more likely to choose a travel option that gives them peace of mind. People appreciate being able to clean and disinfect their own space to ensure it is done in a way that makes them feel most comfortable. Additionally, by eliminating the need for having other people in your space, you are helping control what you are exposed to in your environment. This ability to keep your space quarantined to the desired level is a big reason why 2020 will be the year of RV travel.

At XMRE, we are all about empowering individuals and businesses to make decisions to benefit their wellbeing and choosing an adventure that is safe and responsible – yet still gets you exploring the outdoors – is a great choice! Along the way, make sure you are properly prepared with emergency MREs. We can guarantee they are wholesome, have a long shelf life, and will give you the nutrition you need, any time you need it!

With all these great reasons why RV travel is the perfect solution to people looking to head out on an outdoor adventure in 2020, is it something that will carry forward into 2021? If people use this year to try out RV travel, research as they go, and practice RV traveling, I can see people continuing to choose an RV for their family vacation not just this year, but beyond. Regardless of what future travel looks like, due to the uncertainty in a lot of destinations regarding what is open and available and what the various local guidelines are, 2020 will be the year for RV traveling.

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