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XMRE 3000XT 24HR

There has always been a specific element of society that harbors a deep-rooted distrust of the conveniences we see around us. When the storms come to a blowing, the famines set in and social upheaval disrupts regular supply chains, who do you think is eating well and thriving while the rest of the world is in chaos?

A suitable supply of food and water is at the heart of a prepper’s survival strategy and today’s advanced food supply options are better than ever.

The Advantages of MRE for Emergency Food Supplies

The MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat, was originally designed and produced for military purposes. The self-contained food rations were distributed to soldiers who would be in operations and cut off from regular food supplies. Since their early beginnings, the MRE has become the most sophisticated food option known to man.

In comparison to freeze-dried “astronaut” food (just add water) and canned food (HEAVY!!) supplies, the MRE has some very specific advantages. First of all, the MRE can be prepared and consumed with little or no preparation. They are resistant to moisture and damage and are also very lightweight, meaning a single person can feasibly carry enough food to last them weeks on end.

Furthermore, they have a shelf-life that is considerably longer than most stored foods and the makings of a balanced diet for high output all in one convenient package. Finally, these Meals Ready to Eat are available to civilians for all types of outdoor adventures and emergency preparations.

The following review will introduce you to the advantages of the XMRE 3000XT 24HR, arguably one of the most advantageous products of its kind.

The XMRE 3000XT 24HR – A Full Day’s Energy and Nutrition in a Single MRE

The XMRE 3000XT 24HR contains a full day’s supply of food adding up to a sum of 3000 – 3,200+ calories, depending on the specific contents inside. You will find the ingredients of the meal can be suited to the specific diets of vegetarian eaters and other specifics as well.

Each 3 pound MRE, contains enough food to create three – average sized meals (1000 calories) or two fairly large meals (1,500+ calories). Each meal has a main course, snack or side dish, beverages and heating elements for a warm meal each time. Although the cutlery and thermal cooking sleeve will need to be shared.

The XMRE 3000XT 24HR is packaged in tough military spec materials and a tamperproof bag to ensure your product is sealed to last. This meal supply comes with all the instructions for storing, caring and enjoying your meal. If followed precisely, these instructions will ensure this product is edible after 5 years of storage.

Inside the XMRE 3000XT 24HR

When you open the 3000XT, you will find a whole selection of packages each marked with their specific contents. You will need to separate the contents into two or three balanced meals which can be eaten anytime anyplace.

2 Entrees – Entrees include such delicacies like Southwest Style Beef and Black Beans or Casseroles. Beef, pork, chicken or tuna may be the starring protein, but there are also vegetarian options out there.

Bread Items – You may find corn tortillas or wheat bread, but there will also be a cracker or cornbread. The bread items seem to combine with the entrees.

Snacks and Side Dishes – to round off the meal and provide that needed sweetness, you will find a wide selection of desserts and snacks. These can be incorporated into the meals with entrees, or even eaten apart as a midday snack to stay off hunger between the two larger, entree based meals. Options include MRE bars, peanut butter, jelly, packed wet fruits, dry fruits, fruit shakes or puddings. There may also be pound cakes, muffin tops or cookies.

Beverages – It will be important to stay hydrated on the trail or in the area of operations. The 3000XT has all you will need with a wide selection of instant beverages. You can begin the day with a standard instant coffee, complete with creamer and sugar. There is also a cappuccino type drink, carb-infused sports drinks, and other flavored beverages as well.

Accessory Kit – all the tools you will need to chow down comes in on an accessory pack. As mentioned the towelette, spoon, fork, and condiments will need to be applied to all your meals, so it pays to hang on to them.

2 Flameless Ration Heaters – to heat the meal, the 3000xt uses a special chemical heating element and a thermal sleeve. These can be used to heat the two entrees and even water for coffee to the desired temperatures. You should also know that the food is completely cooked and can be eaten cold if necessary.