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XMRE Online Reviews

Basic Backpacking, www.basicbackpacking.com

“”The XMRE 1300XT Beef is a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), which is a quick no hassle meal, that contains roughly 1300 calories. XMRE, and other MREs, are completely self contained meals the don’t need to be cooked and have everything you need to eat, comes with spoon, and clean up afterwards””

Its Tactical, www.itstactical.com

“”Featuring ready-to-eat components, XMRE meals utilize current US Military MRE components. While being fully cooked and not requiring water, an optional flameless heater can heat up your meal in 5-10 minutes. What’s also great about XMREs is that they not only sell them by the case and pallet, but individually too.”” Click to read the full MRE review!

The Prepper Journal, theprepperjournal.com

“”The last ration heater I tried took a couple of minutes to get warm, but not the heater from XRME. It started smoking almost immediately and was definitely doing a good job. My meal was nice and toasty in no time which if you think about a Bug out scenario could be an advantage.”” Click to read the full MRE review!