4 Little Known but Incredibly Scenic Snorkeling Spots

“Snorkeling is all about location. If you pick a great place, your snorkeling trip will be immensely rewarding. On the other hand, if you choose an average spot, your snorkeling trip will be barely enjoyable.

There are many excellent snorkeling locations in the world which are very popular. But, there are also some incredibly great destinations which are not yet popular. The following 4 spots fall in the latter category:

1. Fernando de Noronha of Brazil

In this region, the water is so clear that you can easily see nearly 50 meters into it! Also to being crystal clear, the water is quite warm, as well. In the past, the location was a prison; however, that is no longer the case. Nowadays, tourists visit it to enjoy its beauty and engage in snorkeling thrill. Note that the location is considered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, so you need to pay a fee for environmental preservation. Your money is used to keep the beauty of the place alive.

2. Corn Islands of Nicaragua

The Corn Islands consists of two parts, the Big Island, and the Little Island. The Island is located toward the eastern side of the mainland of Nicaragua. You can find nurse sharks, barracudas, spotted eagle rays, sea turtles and many other fascinating creatures in the region. Interestingly, tourism is mostly frequent on the Little Island, but the snorkeling facilities are available on the Big Island. So, you get to avoid the crowd.

3. Sipadan Island of Malaysia

Among the many marine habitats contained by the earth, Sipadan Island is one of the finest. There are over 3,000 different fish species available in the island. The island in reality is a Malaysian National Park. Therefore, you need a permit to be able to set your foot on it. The good news is after you complete the hassle of obtaining your license, you get access to a water devoid of the presence of many tourists.

4. Plaza Sur of Galapagos Islands

The Plaza Sur, also known as the South Plaza Island, does not have a large size. In fact, it is a tiny region, measured in only 427 square feet! The island contains a lot of rocks and is frequented by red-billed tropic birds, as well as by gulls, which use it for nesting. Once you go into the water, you will see mostly sea lions that are very playful.

All of the above destinations are gorgeous, not only for snorkeling, but also for general exploring.”

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