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3 Hikes You Need to Complete the Next Time You Visit Hong Kong

“When you think of hiking, Hong Kong probably does not cross you mind. Yet, the country has amazing hiking destinations for the world to see.

Here are three of the finest Hong Kong hikes:

1. Lantau Peak

With a height of 934 meters, this peak comes in the second spot in terms of peak tallness in Hong Kong. Climbing the Lantau can be quite a grueling experience for anyone. But as the views you get from above are absolutely stunning, all the efforts you put in pay off. You can set your eyes on the distant villages toward the southern part, and you can catch a glimpse of the airport toward your North. Overall, the climbing experience can be really intoxicating. Hiking the Lantau is especially recommended if you love mountains.

2. Lamma Island

Exploring Lamma Island requires you to take a day trip. The hike is not tough at all, and so beginners are welcome to explore the area. The paths, for the most part, are paved. In corners, you can find vistas. The great thing about hiking the Lamma Island is that you get to walk through mesmerizing villages, urban beaches, and breathtaking forests. Note that the region cannot be accessed using a car, and, therefore, you will find many walkers, as well as bikers, there. As the island is pretty small, it is possible to explore the many different trails within a short time. You can even discover some really amazing hidden gems if you try! For example, if you take south from Sok Kwu Wan, you will find yourself amidst deep forests and calming Buddhist shrines.

3. Dragon’s Back Ridge

If your primary goal is to reach the top in order to experience amazing views, then Dragon’s Back Ridge is a good bet for you. The hike is very popular for all in Hong Kong. And truth be told, it totally deserves to be popular. The Dragon’s Back Ridge hike is simple and pretty short. And even then, it is impressively scenic. The location is so accessible that all you have to do is reach Chai Wan using MTR and then walk to the spot. Firstly, you get to climb the stairs of the Cape Collinson Cemetery. After finishing the first part, you have to hike for about 2 more hours. If you are fast, you can complete the whole hike in about an hour! Having a combination of spots facing the sea and spots having woods and plants, the 284-meter ridge looks truly beautiful.

It is only when you hike around Hong Kong that you realize how amazing the natural aspects of the country are.”