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5 Fantastic Norwegian Kayaking Spots to Captivate You

“Norway has one of the strongest economies in the world, but that is not the only good thing about the country. Norway is also famous for its amazing natural destinations that are suitable for adventure sports.

One of the most famous adventure sports in the country is kayaking. That is because a vast number of great kayaking destinations exist in Norway, including the following five:

1. Finnoy

One of the best destinations for kayaking in Norway is Finnoy, a location between Haugesund and Stavanger. Finnoy is great not only because it offers various kayaking options depending on weather and skill, but also because it is close to the Vingnesholmane bird sanctuary. Even though entering the sanctuary is not allowed, you can always enjoy the view from your kayak!

2. Flekkefjord

Flekkefjord is a place which looks incredible from a kayak. As tall mountains exist in the different directions of the fjord, wind movement is not much in the region. Paddling through Grisefjorden is especially fun, since you can reach the large Loja lake via a few small lakes. As long as you are careful not to annoy the swans present near the reeds, you will be fine!

3. The Vega Islands

In the Northern part of the country, the Vega Islands attract a lot of kayakers yearly. Located toward the southern side of the famous Arctic Circle, the Vega Islands is actually a cluster of a number of different islands. Kayaking opportunities remain highly accessible from May to August. Note that UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site.

4. Hidra

Near Flekkefjord lies Hidra, a beautiful island location which is fabulous for kayaking. Paddling to the island to enjoy the idyllic scenes is a great experience. The Eide, a narrow channel, is sure to impress any kayaker. Other than that, between Rasvag and Kirkehavn, a number of small islands exist which are not easy to explore using a boat. If you use a kayak though, exploring those islands is a breeze!

5. Vestfjorden

If you move a bit west from Oslo, you will find Vestfjorden, an amazing destination that reveals the wonders of nature unselfishly. If you find the opportunity to explore the fjord early in the morning, you will pretty much get the entire area for yourself! The region is great for kayaking enthusiasts as various inlets make it varied and captivating. You can explore a number of different routes in Vestfjorden.

In addition to the above five destinations, Norway offers many other wonderful kayaking locations, as well.”