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4 Snowboarding Resorts No Snowboarder Should Miss

“There are thousands of snowboarding resorts in the world, and so, it is totally fine if you ignore most of them. That is, only as long as you do not ignore the following:

1. Davos in Switzerland

For those who love to freeride, the Davos resort is a heaven, spreading across 5 gorgeous mountains. The presence of two halfpipes makes this destination extremely appealing when the weather is snowy. Communication is a breeze due to the availability of direct trains, and the resort offers truly lovable local services. As long as you do not visit it during the weekends when it remains packed, you will be able to enjoy the uninterrupted adrenaline rush.

2. St. Anton in Austria

Austria’s best terrains are found in St. Anton. It is not the best place for showing freestyling tricks, but for free riders, this one is a cool spot. It has a vertical drop of 1507m and top lift of 2811m. It is only recommended for intermediate and advanced riders, as beginners will find it a bit too intimidating! Off-piste run that extends for about 180km is a truly unique and remarkable characteristic of this region. The mountain slopes feature trees and finding steep spots is easy. The place even allows you to heli-board.

3. Vail in USA

Having a top lift of 3527m, Vail attracts thousands of snowboarders yearly. With 12 runs and 3 halfpipes in its terrain park, Vail really lets its snowboarders get it on. The place is known as one of the snobbiest resorts in America. Everything is ridiculously expensive in Vail, but still it is a great spot as you get to show your tricks in an area spreading across 5,000 acres. Note that the layout of the piste can confuse you the first few times.

4. Chamonix in France

Chamonix is best explored after fresh snow covers it. On the ride to the valley, tight bends on the roads get even the seasoned snowboarders excited and alert, and the presence of the Mont Blanc toward the right makes the ride a serene experience. You cannot rely on bus service or train service all that much in the region and that is why it is best to bring your own car. And Chamonix is not polished; its slopes are rough. It is the roughness and unkemptness that make the 140km of pistes an experience of a lifetime.

If you truly want to explore snowboarding for all its glory, be sure to visit each of the resorts mentioned above at least once in your lifetime.”