A Hawk Eye Overview of XMRE’s 1300XT Meals, military MRE grade

“We are living in the world where situations can turn upside down at moment’s notice. Today, the demand for ready-to-eat meals has emerged like never before. With an unfortunate uplift in war, disasters, and rescue operations, MREs have become an inevitable need for military and government establishments around the world. Moreover, because of the cutting-edge, state of the art, and lightweight packaging of MREs, they are also gaining more and more traction from outdoor sportspersons.

Being one of the leading suppliers of shelf stable food in the world, XMRE – through their 1300XT line – has committed to deliver food products that aren’t just lightweight or have extended shelf life, but are also delightful and highly nutritious.

Following are the core benefits of XMRE’s 1300XT ready-to-eat meals:

1. Military Grade MRE
1300XT are United States Military grade MREs, which means they contain over 1300 average calories of all current U.S. military grade food components. That includes an entree, bread/cracker, snack, spread, dessert, beverages, flameless heater, and accessories like fork, spoon, etc.

2. Indeed Ready to Eat
1300XT MREs are completely cooked and do not necessarily require heat or water to be added. However, some meals are more delightful when slightly heated with the provided flameless ration heater.

3. Tailors to All
Being military grade does not mean 1300XT doesn’t qualify for civilian consumption. In fact, from outdoor sports enthusiasts like campers, hunters, mountain climbers, and survivalists, to various private institutions related to preparedness, relief, and rescue. 1300XT MREs have been happily used by civilians in all callings. You cannot limited it to just military use.

4. An Almost Never Ending Shelf Life
1300 XT MREs can last up to five whole years – with a slight variation depending upon the packaging date and storage location. They are battle tested and can be readily eaten out of the pouch whenever and wherever you want. This incredible shelf life guaranteed by XMRE is way above the industry average.

5. Highly Nutritious and Admiringly Tasteful
XMRE has decades of experience in the field of manufacturing shelf stable food products. The combination of our skills and experience has yielded the invincible 1300 XT MRE line. That doesn’t only come up with all necessary quality parameters of a U.S. Military-grade ready-to-eat meals but is also not – in any way – behind when it comes to the taste. Each meal included 1300 XT is carefully manufactured to contain as many nutritional values as possible. Our highly skilled cooks put special emphasize on filling your taste buds with delight.

6. Made in USA
So how can you neglect that? Each and every component of XMRE’s state of the art, highly durable, and delightful 1300 XT MRE line is proudly manufactured in the United States.

Being a member of the Outdoor Industry Association, XMRE is an international standard company with an ability to produce and supply high-quality ready-to-eat meals that tailor to the needs of a broad range of clients. Regardless of what the situation is, XMRE is fully equipped to work 24/7 and supply high volumes of MREs on a daily basis. So don’t hesitate to give us a try, and we guarantee you won’t regret it.”

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