Amazing Places to Freedive around the World

“Freediving. It is where meditation meets endurance. All of it may sound like a line from Star Wars, but you must quiet the mind and find your inner ‘you’ before entering a world that asks you not to breathe. If you are able to clear that hurdle, then get ready to be amazed. When you have reached this level, you can swing alongside orcas, mantas, and sharks; explore shipwrecks; and find the depths of your inner strength.

Best for Deep Diving
Where: Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Islands, Bahamas
Why: Because it is the world’s deepest blue hole

Many athletes across the world come here to set new world records. Dean’s Blue Hold bottoms out at 202m, giving plenty of (not) breathing room to those adventure-seekers looking to redefine the impossible. This is where William Trubridge set many of his own records, holds freediving courses and even every year hosts Suunto Vertical Blue contest. “It has a reputation for being the greatest freediving location on the planet,” Trubridge says. “Its deep, warm, and calm waters are literally a step off the beach; providing the best environment to attempt to break national, or word records.

A Place to Fall in Love with the Sea
Where: Dahab, Egypt
Why: You will hear every freediver talk about it

It has the feel of a light at the end of a tunnel—blue light—as most freedivers will describe it. Dahab has a reputation as one of the world’s most popular proving grounds for the sport, but it is not without its dangers. Many will feel the urge to unclip from their safety lines, which emphasises the precaution that no one should freedive alone. It is this temptation that has claimed the lives of many (along with many SCUBA divers who went too deep). You will find many makeshift memorial plaques on the rocks to pay respects to the lives lost here.

The Best Wreck for Easy Access
Where: Cayman Islands
Why: Shallow waters, and it is the grave of the USS Kittiwake

This decommissioned US Navy ship is ideal for the first-time wreck explorers. Sunk off the shore of Seven Miles Beach in 2011, it created an artificial reef. The 76.5m Kittiwake was stripped clean of hazards, doors, and hatches; allowing for at least one exit point with each room. Those with certification can investigate all five levels: the wheelhouse, two recompression chambers, and artificial diving bell are a few of the highlights.

Where to Go to Encounter Big Fish
Where: Antarctica
Why: You don’t mind the cold when it comes to seeing truly large marine life

If you want a truly incredible adventure on the water, then there is nothing better than making a trip to Antarctica. Many long-term freedivers would also agree. There are always dangers when it comes to swimming in freezing temperatures, so prepare yourself accordingly. However, how many of us can say that they have swum with leopard seals or humpback whales? Take a chance and experience something amazing!”

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