Better Hit the Brakes: Five Adventurous Roads Only the Bravest Will Appreciate

“Anybody can take pride in his driving skills when driving through a beautiful road on a sunny day, with the wind caressing his whole body. But the truly capable drivers of the world do not get excited by simplicity; instead, they crave roads that test their survival skills and endurance. Roads like the following ones:

1. North Yungas Road

During the 90s, this Bolivian dirt road was mandatory to take even for the souls who had no taste for adventure. Later on, an alternative road was put in place, in order to make the journey safer. So the good news is, unless you are a thrill-seeker, there is no reason actually to choose this path. Because if you are not a thrill-seeker, this thin road at 4,650-meters of altitude can easily make you nauseous. Taking pride in its deep canyons and dangers all around, this one challenges you to have a truly daring heart.

2. Karakoram Highway

This road, according to David Lama who took it to reach Masherbrum, is one of the hardest of alpine climbs in the world. Being the highest paved journey of the world is not the only fun thing about this highway. Located at an altitude of 4,700-meters in the lands of Pakistan, this one gives you a glimpse of paradise as you move forward amidst the beautiful Himalayas.

3. Guoliang Tunnel Road

This tunnel road in China is famous for its demand for tight driving. The road tests your focus like nothing else does in this vast world. Only mere 4-meters in width, the Guoliang will force you to concentrate like a monk when you drive through its 1.2km of length, which includes various tunnels.

4. Tianmen Mountain Road

The 1,300-meters elevation is not the challenging part about this Chinese road. What is challenging is that there are 99 different sharp bends that require you to keep your eyes fixated on the road ahead for every single second during your journey. This 11km of the challenge is one of the main attractions of the Tianmen Mountain National Park.

5. Zojila Pass

A link connecting Kashmir and Ladakh, the Zojila Pass of India is not for fancy vehicles and fast cars. If all you want is a blissful Sunday drive, then you need to stay as far away as possible from this road. Because, even though, this road with its 3,500-meters of altitude is just 9km long but it is actually a rocky strip.”

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