Daring Enough to Induce Vertigo: Four Truly Epic Knife-Edge Ridges

“Height is not the only thing that makes a ridge able to leave you breathless. Some of the most epic knife-edge ridges in the world are those which feel knife-like. The following ridges are exciting, intimidating, daring and mesmerizing – all at the same time.

1. The Matterhorn Ridge, Switzerland

One of the wildest and top vertigo-inducing peaks in the world, the 4,478 meters high Swiss peak was first conquered 150 years ago. The ridge, even though over a century has passed since the initial ascent, has not lost any of its original characters. A fragile beauty in itself, The Matterhorn requires an extreme focus on footing. If you end up concentrating too much on the sheer drops, you may as well end up slipping to death like Edward Whymper and three of his mates did in 1865. But not all is bleak. Alex Cowan, Remo Baltermia and Joshua Pennell successfully completed their attempts.

2. The Innominata Ridge, Italy

Located at Mt. Blanc, this ridge is not as dangerous as it is stunning. According to Jon Griffith, the photographer, and climber, the Innominata experience is sweet. The ridge is not really that tough to climb, however since the position feels wild, the experience may end up seeming somewhat daunting initially. The ridge has been able to attract many climbers for several decades. Recently, Vince Reffet and Fred Rugen flew the whole length after making a 10,000-meter jump!

3. The Red Ridge, Wales

The Wales’ mountains may appear small, but you better not dare to be foolish enough to underestimate it. Locally regarded as Crib Goch, which means ‘red ridge’ in Welsh, the ridge is located on Mt. Snowdon. The whole thing is less than a mile long, but it is a classic ridge and requires the effort of hands. Rob Johnson, who manages the local mountain rescue team, admits that his team is contacted several times every year for rescuing efforts after people get stuck. And when the winter comes, the whole route feels like a winter mountaineering adventure, needing the assistance of crampons and axes.

4. The Eiger Ridge, Switzerland

The Eiger Ridge is a bit of fun and a bit of danger. Being really iconic to tick, the ridge makes everything exciting as beers wait below. The right part exposes Grindelwald Valley, and the left part is all focused on Oberland. Offering a beautiful view, this ridge actually gets climbers mesmerized.”

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