California Bomb Cyclone

California Bomb Cyclone

Just this past week California has been hit by a bomb cyclone and the Governor even issued a state wide emergency. What the heck is a bomb cyclone? Bomb cyclones are given their names because of how fast they intensify. Similar to a hurricane, only difference is where they form. Hurricanes are formed in the Atlantic, Central North Pacific and Eastern North Pacific. Cyclones are formed in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

A cyclone is another type of natural disaster, and we need to be prepared. Having water and food on hand is important in case power is lost and there is no clean water accessible. Some alternatives for having clean water, are filters and water purification tablets. Great alternatives for food, are meals ready to eat (mres). They are a great option to have when traditional food is not available or when a disaster strikes and you're left without electricity. Unlike your traditional food, mres comes with a heater, so no electricity is needed. This heater quickly warms up your mre in a few minutes.

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