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Why you need MRE's in your car

We have all been witness to several disasters or emergencies. Many of us would not even think we would experience a disaster or emergency, until it does. Being prepared is not only important but vital in order to survive. We need to be prepared both at home and in our vehicles. According to the Census Bureau, a persons one way commute can be about 27 minutes!

This means we need to be prepared at all times in case a disaster strikes. Many times when disasters happen roadways are blocked and you are left stranded in your vehicle for hours and hours. Storing food in your car in case of an emergency can be the difference between life and death. There are many food options, however, there is only one food type that will sustain being stored in a car for years and requires no cooking, meals ready to eat (MREs).

Meals ready to eat is food that is fully cooked and ready to eat at any time. Other names for meals ready to eat are; MREs, survival food, emergency foods, ready to eat meals, zombie meals, apocalypse food, emergency storage foods ETC. Regardless of what they are called, they also have a very long shelf life, around 5 years and some even come with a heater to heat up your food.

MREs also come in different varieties such as different calorie count, dietary restrictions and/or religious diets, such as Kosher. No matter the need, there is an MRE out there for you. The long shelf life also allows you to store them for long periods of time rather than switch them out often.

It is recommended to have atleast 2 MREs in your car per person. This will give you more than enough food in case of any emergency.