Camping Made Easy with Meals Ready to Eat

“If you happen to love camping, and we’re not talking about stocking up the RV and heading out to a park where all the comforts of home are still at your fingertips….we’re talking driving out to the end of a dirt road, hiking up a hill and pitching a tent kind of camping, you know that those plans need to be made soon. Even if you do prefer a campground over back country, gearing up for summer camping season needs to start soon if you’re going to make reservations (and get them) and make sure that all your gear is in order. Making sure that you are fully prepared is the first step in ensuring that your camping trip is a successful and relaxing one; rather than one that is filled with hunger and fear and useless tears. So, in order to help do our part to prepare both camping newbies and aficionados we’ve compiled a short list of to do’s.

1. Pitch your tent before you do anything else. You will need that shelter up and ready before it gets dark. If you prefer to sleep under the stars, make sure that you’ve still got plenty to cover you and keep you warm as it will inevitably turn chillier than you expected.

2. Clean water is your next bare essential for camping. Obviously if you’ve hiked in, keeping a light backpack is beneficial but you still need to make sure that you’re packing in enough water to cover your needs. Make sure to include water purifiers like packets of iodine in order to sanitize any water you “”find””. Make sure to also boil your water for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

3. Food can add a lot of unnecessary bulk but is obviously a necessity. Consider packing meals ready to eat instead of separate food articles for various meals. MRE components make campsite meals quick and convenient while providing the calories and nutrition needed. XMRE shelf stable foods are not only lightweight and easily packable, they are also delicious. Our meals ready to eat are made with the most stringent quality control standards and are manufactured to last at least five years.

4. Make sure to always have access to a pocket knife, a lighter or matches and a compass to round out the essentials. Wrap that lighter in a couple feet of duct tape as we all know that if duct tape can’t fix it, nothing can. Then get out and enjoy your time outdoors.”

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