Meals Ready to Eat on Your Next Hiking Trip

“As the entire nation takes in a collective sigh of relief as we watch Winter lessen its brutal grip and Spring take over, thoughts to spending time outdoors are taking up more space in our winter-weary brains. At XMRE, there are quite a few of us who are ready to strap on the whole hiking boots and get out on the trails. We understand that you are too and we just wanted to remind you of a few hiking tips in order to help keep you safe and comfortable during your hike. Whether you’re a beginner or have been trekking for years, remember these tips to help keep your hike recreational in nature.

1. Though some people like to venture out alone, it is often better to go with someone. Regardless of whether you prefer solo hikes or not, the key is to make sure that someone knows where you are. Tell people where you are going, when you should be returning and who will be accompanying you. If you become lost or injured and are unable to return, those at home will be able to alert the authorities quicker and get you home safely.

2. Make sure to carry a pocket knife, a compass and a map and know how to use them. GPS is great but make sure to back those up with the old-school and reliable. Also a small first-aid kit, matches or lighter and extra clothing will go far in any situation. Part of getting out there in nature is your exposure to the elements, make sure that you are prepared for what those elements can throw at you.

3. Know the creatures that inhabit the area that you are planning to hike. Remember, this is their home not yours and though wild animal attacks don’t happen as often as it seems, they can happen. Make sure to carry bear repellent with you and do not ever approach any type of wildlife. Seriously, leave ’em alone.

4. We know the rule of three for survival (3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food). Though you intended it to be just a day hike, so have many lost or injured hikers that found themselves in a sudden survival situation. Make sure that you have plenty of water and a water purifier should you need to find more. Don’t just pack snacks for the hike itself. Make sure that you include meals ready to eat just in case. Keeping your energy up is vital in any outdoor environment and a nourishing meal ready to eat keeps both your body and your mind functioning properly and makes that hike much more enjoyable.

For the best meals ready to eat that are perfectly suited for all types of outdoor activities, XMRE is the choice of all types of outdoorsmen everywhere. We package each mre component with the highest quality standards and offer a wide array of choices that suit special diets and differing tastes alike. Browse our entire line and make sure to include meals ready to eat on your next hiking trip.”

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