Hill Walking and MRE

“”Happiness and adventure walk on busy feet.””

One common activity that all the human beings do, irrespective of any differences is “”walk””. Walking is a crucial part of our daily physical activities whether it is catching a bus, going to the office, coming back from a friend’s house or even completing the daily chores of the day. Walking has its advantages and is considered by many as one of the best ways to work out. Some even prefer going for a long walk in the mornings and evenings over going and working out for hours in the gym. The point is that when you take out dedicated time for a walk in an environment that is complementary, that is when you realize what a true bliss walking is in reality. It is precisely for this very reason that going on walks is also a hobby for many. Most of these people prefer to take it to the next level, a very exciting one if we may say. It is commonly known as hill walking. Referred to as an extended tour of the countryside, people go for hill walking in groups and even alone. The natural surroundings of the hill give an excellent opportunity to get yourself drenched in the beauty of nature while pursuing your hobby and also giving your body the exercise it needs. Why Hill Walking? Walking is the best form of physical workout because you don’t even realize that you are doing it. When doing it in a natural surrounding, it gives you an active and healthy feeling because you breathe in fresh air and also take in the beautiful landscapes. This is not possible in the gym. Hill walking gives you the time to introspect, reflect and be pensive. It gives you the time to look back at your life, something that you don’t even get the time for in the regular course of your life. Such a break is, therefore, not just rejuvenating but also necessary every once in a while. So just go ahead with it. We have always said that irrespective of which place you go to and which outdoor or adventure activity you have in mind, it is vital that you first take the time out to plan for it. Unless the trip no matter how casual is not prepared for and if you set out unready, you may not come back with the memories you thought. Just to burst the bubble, the spontaneous trips that the characters take on their whim in your favorite movies are in reality just excellent acting skills. On the other side of the camera, the crew has made preparations for every eventuality. So don’t let these movies misguide you and ensure that you have a plan in mind. Hill walking is an antidote to the otherwise frenzied and manic world. Irrespective of whether you are a newbie to the hill or an experienced hill walker who has left a mark in quite a few places, there are a few pieces of advice, tips, and tricks that you will need to hear before you set out. So here we are with them to make your beautiful hill walking journey an outing that you will remember, and trust us, it’ll only be for all the right reasons. The basics Prepare your kit: Though hill climbing does not need any particular equipment, you need to have a little gear to protect yourself from the weather which becomes unpredictable as you ascend the hill. Poor planning will, in no time, ruin things which is not what you’d want. There are a few basics to which you need to pay attention. They include Appropriate footwear: Since you will be walking throughout the day until you decide to retire you will need a pair that will help you push your limits rather than cut your day short. You don’t need that fancy pair that ends up giving you blisters. You know better so choose wisely. If you’re going to buy a new pair for the activity, make sure you walk for a few days in these new shoes at your home, so your feet get used to them. Ideally, hiking boots and walking shoes are the best option. Clothing: Hill walking is different from mountain climbing which is why the hills in hill walking are not as high. But when it comes to choosing appropriate clothing, choosing the right one matters. The weather changes can be hostile. Pack protective layers such as fleece jackets and windcheaters. Make sure that they are hooded and rain proof. Even if the weather remains calm, nights can get cold, and you will need to preserve your body heat. Neck, head, and ears suffer the brunt of cold weather the most. For your head and ears have a woolen cap and for your neck, a muffler. Woolen socks and leg warmers are a must for your feet and legs. Also, don’t forget to pack gloves for your hands. Technology: This includes all those things that will add glitter and convenience to your trip such as a GPS-enabled smartphone to help you find your way. Download maps of the place you are going to so that you don’t need to be connected to the internet at all times, not that you will find the signal anyways in the high altitude. Apart from that, it is also advisable to carry a separate handheld GPS device that you can use when the battery of your phone dies. A fully charged power charger for when the battery of your phone dies. Carry paper maps, just in case something goes wrong with the GPS device. Knowing how to read the map and finding your way around the hill is a skill that every hill walker must have. Therefore, if you don’t already know, take time out to learn the basics of how to read the maps, so you are not clueless about what to do when it comes down to resorting to them to find your direction. A magnetic compass is a must have on an outdoor trip such as this. Food and water supplies: It is always good to have something to eat in your backpack when on an outdoor adventure. When we are too immersed in observing the beauty of nature, the walk eventually is draining our body of all the energy. You will not find convenience shops in the middle of the climb, so it is important to have food. MRE or Meals, Ready to Eat is what you should go for instead of solely relying on the packaged and canned food. At the end of the day, no matter how many snacks you have, the body needs proper, wholesome and nutritional food to keep you going for the next day. MREs are a great option because they have all the ingredients that a healthy meal away from home should have. To begin with, MREs are packed with energy, nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and minerals and the right amount of calorie count needed for the day which is 1200 to 2000. They are packed in hermetically sealed environment that does not allow any leakage of nutrition at any time and makes them ready to consume whenever you open them. MREs have a long shelf life which ranges from 3 days to 5 years. Longer trips demand food items that don’t go stale and lose their nutritional value because of the absence of the right storage environment. But MREs because of the manner in which they are made do not experience any such drawback. No matter how much time after you buy them, you eat the MRE food, it will be tasty and healthy. MREs are impact resistant and rugged enough so that you can carry them around roughly. They come with a self-activated heating feature that heats up the content inside the MRE packing as soon as you open it. No matter where you are, the top of the hill, the middle or the bottom you will eat hot meals that taste just like home. MREs are all in one meal that, apart from the food, also contain utensils and water packets. They include a plate, spoon or a fork. The food items include snacks, desserts, and beverages. So extra snack items are not really needed. Most MRE packs come with meals for the entire day which is breakfast, lunch and dinner. MREs are anytime a superior option because of the given advantages. If you want one, you can grab it from us. Keep these advises in mind and now let’s move on to some precious hill walking tips.

  1. Remember to take trekking poles with you. They will help in distributing your body weight and take away from the stress you put on your joints while climbing.
  2. Plan your day efficiently and start early, especially if you are hill walking in the winter because the days are shorter than in the summer season. Set an alarm and stick to it. Lie ins can be tempting but during the winter, they may mean that you have to walk longer in the dark. This negligence can lead to accidents that you can easily avoid.
  3. Take head torches with you because you never know when the weather might turn to cloudy and visibility may reduce. Also, it’s always good to look before you set your foot on the ground.
  4. Hill walking is an activity that you will enjoy more when you go in the company of someone. Motivation plays a prominent role in keeping you on track, and not many people feel that motivation when they go out to venture alone.
  5. Adverse weather conditions make everything more difficult. A good tip would be to have a look at the weather forecast before you finalize your plan. If the conditions are going to become a lot worse than you thought, then maybe it is time to reschedule everything to when better conditions restore. If you still plan on going out, make sure that you are prepared for it. In theory, bad weather does not seem as bad as it is in practicality. Rain means a lot more than rain coat. It means waterproof bag, shoes, and a waterproof tent or sleeping bag where you can spend the night. Also, consider the strong winds that accompany rains at high altitudes and turn the weather from pleasant to cold.

There is a popular British adage that you must remember: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Keep this in mind and go ahead.

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