What to Bring for a Vacation in the Cabin

“There is no better way to spend your vacation than to spend it in a cabin that lies away from all the hustle-bustle of the city. A holiday spent in the natural surroundings with the sounds of vehicles and people talking replaced by the sounds of trees swaying, birds chirping and sometimes the peaceful silence that you crave so badly when drowning in the humdrum affairs back home is a vacation to look forward to. But sometimes, the sweet fruit that a holiday like this brings to you also comes to you with its set of challenges, the biggest of which can be packing. Whether you are headed to the cabin alone or you have the whole family to take care of, you cannot afford any relaxation when it comes to the intensity of efforts you have to put in to get the right things in place. You have to choose the right outfit and the number of outfits you must pack. You have to arrange for the food, kitchen, and water supplies. You have to consider and reconsider what to take for your and your family’s entertainment, and you have to prepare your car for the long ride while making sure you have enough things to help you have a safe journey in the car while on your way to the cabin. All of this is just a small but quite significant part that will define the kind of time you spend in the cabin. It may look like there are a lot of things that you need to do but in the end, when you finally reach the cabin and spend your days in the quietness in the midst of natural beauty you had imagined you would, everything is worth it. To help you make the right decisions and proceed in a step by step manner, so you don’t miss out on anything, we come with a list of all the things that you must have for your cabin vacation.

What to Pack in the Car:

When it comes to traveling with your family, a car is the best option because there is nothing like bonding with your family on a road trip heading together for a beautiful vacation. If traveling alone, it is still preferable you take a car because the amount of stuff that you are going to have will be convenient to carry in a car rather than a bus, train or any other form of public transport.

If you already have a place in mind, you must also be knowing the amount of time it would take for you to reach that place. You have to prepare your car accordingly.

That being said, here is a list of all the items that you may need during the ride:

  • Relevant documents: This includes the documents for your car as well as the documents that you will need to check into the cabin. If you own the cabin, you have to make sure you have the ownership papers in place.
  • Trash Bags: You will need these to collect all the waste that you make in the car.
  • GPS Device: You must have a GPS in your car to help you navigate easily to the place you are going.
  • Neck pillows and back cushions: If you are in for a long ride having neck pillows and cushions is advised to prevent you from getting jetlagged and your muscles from getting cramps. It is also advisable that during the journey, especially if it is going to be a long one, you stop the car and take short breaks wherever possible. Extended drives tire you more as compared to the ones in which you take breaks.
  • Snacks and a good playlist: It is important that you have something to keep your stomach busy during the road trip. Add to that a good playlist and you have earned yourself a great ride.

What to Pack for Entertainment:

There is nothing that would ruin your experience in the cabin more than hearing the words, “”I’m bored.”” You have to gear up and challenge the boredom in the best possible manner by bringing with you all that you prefer doing when seeking entertainment. Whether these items kill boredom in your car or when in your cabin, you will thank yourself for bringing them when you get trapped inside due to the rains or in your car because of a traffic jam. To help you out, here are a few suggestions that you can consider

  • Video games
  • Headphones
  • Novels and magazines
  • Camera with rechargeable battery
  • A deck of UNO cards or playing cards
  • Movies
  • iPod

What to pack for the exploration

Once you finally reach the destination where your actual adventure begin. For all the days that you plan to spend exploring the surroundings and the natural beauty of the place around you, you need to have a separate backpack that contains all the essentials. You could either go on a hike or for a simple stroll to explore the areas around your cabin. Whatever outdoor activity it is that you decide to do, there are some things that you must not forget to put in your bag pack

  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
  • First Aid Kit
  • Trail map for wherever you are planning to go
  • Matches and lighters
  • Flashlight with extra, fresh batteries
  • Compass
  • Reusable water bottles

Food: Though packaged snacks and canned food items look like a safe bet, but it is always safer to go with healthier and more nutritious options. MRE or Meals, Ready to Eat is a wonderful food choice that you can not only take for the outings you have during your cabin vacation but can also eat on the days you don’t feel like cooking food in the cabin kitchen. There are a lot of reasons why MREs make for a great outdoor food option.

MREs or Meals, Ready to Eat are impact resistant and rugged food packs that you can carry anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the food inside getting spoilt or inedible.

MREs are manufactured in a hermetically sealed environment. This prevents any type of loss of the nutritional value of the food. Also, it is due to this that the food inside remains unaffected by the external environmental conditions making you feel like you are eating good quality food with homemade taste.

MRE packets for the whole day have a calorie count of 1500 which is enough for a single person for a day. You don’t have to worry about carrying different cans and packages for food and snacks when you have a day pack of MRE. You also don’t need to cut your outing short because you don’t have enough food and are quite hungry.

MREs have a long shelf life. Depending upon the storage life specified on the packet you can buy an MRE that lasts from 3 days up to 5 years without any loss in the quality of food or the nutritional value. If you come to your cabin once or twice in a year, all you have to do is get MRE packs, store them in your cabin and don’t worry about bringing food on your next visit.

MREs provide you with a lot of options to choose from when it comes to variety in food, including special dietary requirements such as Halal or Kosher food. There are packs that have full day meals including snacks, beverages such as coffee and milkshakes, water packets and desserts. An MRE box also has utensils which include fork, spoon, and plate. If your cabin kitchen does not have enough utensils for all the people who are waiting to eat, you can go ahead, open packs of MRE and enjoy sumptuous meals.

MREs are a great food option which is why they are considered as military foods. They are healthy, tasty and viable when away from home.

How to prepare the cabin for the stay

Spending some time away from your regular, monotonous life in the nurturing confines of your cozy cabin is the primary objective of your vacation. Since you or anyone apart from you hasn’t been inside the cabin (assuming you don’t rent your cabin out in your absence) since you last paid your visit, it is only fair to spend the day you arrive (after you’ve had enough rest, of course!) in getting it all ready for your next stay.

Since you do not have a lot of time at hand, and you don’t want to spend a majority of your vacation cleaning, you could call housekeeping.

You have to get your kitchen ready and make sure it has all the supplies it needs.

You need to change the sheets on the bed and maybe the curtains if they are too dusty.

Bring along spare tube lights, bulbs and lamps if you know that there is no supply store near your cabin. This will come in handy if the old ones have fused or have stopped working which happens most of the time.

If it is a rented cabin, all of this has already been done before your arrival. A cabin you own will have that touch that speaks out that its yours. For those of you who go on extended vacations in rented cabins, you can get along your photographs, your favorite paintings, the flower vase that you love so much, or that blanket you cannot sleep without. Anything that you can make space for in your bags and which will make you feel like the cabin is your personal space is what should make it with you on the vacation. After all, you can only feel snug and cozy in a place that is comforting, and nothing is more comforting like home.

Life is all about taking a break from what you do on a daily basis just so you can energize yourself up, rejuvenate your hung spirit and rediscover your love for what you do on a daily basis. Spending some time away from work and your home, seeing the same faces you do every day, making a new temporary home for a short span of time comes with its pleasures. There is something enlivening about creating your space in a new place. When you are with your family, it gives you time to reconnect and bond with each other. You can catch up with each other on things that you were missing out on during the regular days due to preoccupation and work commitments. You already have the whole list of what to pack and how to prepare so just go ahead and get started.”

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