How to Prepare for Disasters

“In the event of a disaster or emergency situation, its important to remember your three’s.

You’ll need access to shelter within 3 hours.

You’ll need access to drinkable water within 3 days.

You’ll need access to nutritionally viable food within 3 weeks.

Without these basic staples, a survival situation is bound to turn fatal in no time at all. After securing shelter from the elements and a source of clean water is attained, food becomes priority one. However, without the ability to access or prepare food properly, survival is once again compromised. We’ve compiled a few tips on disaster or emergency situation preparation in order to make sure that, should the time come, you and your family have the food that you’ll require.

1. Store shelf stable foods beforehand that are easily accessible. Make sure that a number of these food items require little to no cooking, water or refrigeration. Meals ready to eat meet all of these requirements and are compact, making them easy to store.

2. Make sure that you have enough food and water for 3 to 4 days for every member of the family. Don’t forget to take into consideration any special diet needs such as for diabetics or for babies. Take into consideration the needs of your pets also.

3. Store your emergency food supplies in a cool, dry location at 40 -60 degrees. If you have mre components make sure to follow the directions on the packaging for both storage and preparation. Meals ready to eat generally have a shelf life of up to five years but make sure that you check dates on your food supply, replacing those that are close to expiring when needed.

4. Make sure to also include utensils, foil and other implements.

XMRE shelf stable food items make it easy to store and prepare your meals without the need for water, cooking or refrigeration. As an international company dedicated to producing quality meals ready to eat, XMRE shelf stable foods are created by our team of expert nutritionists and industry professionals that understand the challenges of emergency food supply. Prepare for disasters with XMRE shelf stable food.”

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