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Preparing For A Hurricane Emergency - Basic And Effective Tips

It is not a common ritual for people to prepare for a hurricane. Given that hurricanes don’t strike every day, it is easy to get caught up with life in general and forget about lurking dangers. In fact, for a natural disaster that can cause so much damage, many individuals don’t have a problem waiting until the last second to react. This is also when panic is at its most powerful, leaving your mind blank and without any sense of direction.

The truth is, hurricanes should never be underestimated, and you are doing yourself a favor by preparing properly. You want to know you have a plan of action before the hurricane can send you into a panicked frenzy, and this is especially true if you have family and pets to look after. So, in light of being prepared and increasing your odds of escaping the hurricane safely, here are some things you can do.

1. Find A Safe Area And Quick Escape Route

The first thing you want to establish before the hurricane season comes along is a safe area you can go to. This can quickly be done via a few maps, or simply going online and routing through maps you find on there. It is important that you look at every possible route and choose two or three “main” ones. You always want to have an alternative route just in case you can’t use the one you originally planned for. This could be due to the direction of the hurricane, or it could be authorities blocking off the road for your safety. In the latter situation, it is best to follow the road provided by authorities. But if you are in the middle of a hurricane, and you don’t have time to stop and ask where you should be going, let your planned route get you and your family out of there.

2. Think About Your Pets

For most people, pets are part of the family and they need to be evacuated with you. Unfortunately, shelters are not going to allow them, meaning you’ll need to find a different place to stay. In addition to finding a suitable place, ensure there will be enough food and water for everyone, including the furry family members.

3. Inform Family And Friends

Telling your friends and family where they will most likely find you in case of a hurricane is always a good idea. And if possible, provide additional contact information where they can reach you, or people you know that will hold information about your whereabouts or safety.

4. Get A Disaster Kit

One of the best things to hit the market in the modern age is a disaster kit. It is handy, it carries all the basic things you’ll need when a disaster strikes, and it can quickly be loaded in the car. When you put together your disaster kit, make sure the following items are there.

– Food that won’t perish like our XMRE Meals
– Canned food and non-electric opener
– Clean and drinkable water
– Clothes and bedding
– Flashlight and batteries
– First aid kit
– Maps
– Battery operated radio
– Prescription medication if necessary

Naturally, you want to include important documents like your license, social security card, etc. And it is best to keep these documents in a container or bag that seals perfectly and is waterproof.

The same type of kit can be assembled for your pets, and the items should typically include:

– Food and water
– Collars with the proper identification tags
– Cage/carrier and leash
– Medication (if necessary)

5. Prepare Your Home

After you’ve prepared for your escape route, it will help a lot to prepare your house for the hurricane, which can prevent extra damage. For example, store the lawn furniture in the garage, along with everything else that can get picked off the ground. Also, ensure all the windows and doors are closed as tightly as possible. This is where additions like hurricane shutters are very handy.

6. Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Try and stay connected to the local media and news. These are sources that will inform you of safe routes you can use, in addition to keeping you up to date on the hurricane situation. You can also call friends or family in the close-by area to get more information.

The point is that you don’t have to get panic-stricken at the threat of a hurricane. If you are prepared, it will be less stressful getting yourself and your family to safety.

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