Camping Trip Planning - What Should You Bring?

There are many things to consider before you start a camping trip! To make sure you get off on the right foot and have everything you need to enjoy your adventure, you should be sure to make an exhaustive checklist and double check everything along the way. If you aren’t sure where to start, just be sure to accommodate the following:


The most important thing to account for is sheltering. This typically consists of a tent, but you may be able to get away with sleeping outdoors under certain conditions. Sleeping bags and a tarp might suit you just fine. Either way, you still need to consider protecting yourself from the elements and weather.

Research the usual climate of the area you intend to camp in so that you can be certain your shelter is suitable. You’ll also need to carry sleeping bags or blankets to keep warm (not to mention well insulated clothing). Mats to place under your sleeping bag will also go a long way towards assuring your comfort. Finally, don’t forget to bring a pillow; your neck and back will definitely thank you!

Food And Water

You’ll also need to bring enough food and water for the entirety of the trip. High-protein foods such as milk, eggs, meats, or protein bars will help you keep your energy up. You’ll need plenty of it, especially if you plan on doing any physically demanding activities such as hiking or climbing. Complex carbs in the form of whole grain foods or oatmeal will also serve you well while camping.

Make sure you put emphasis on foods that will be easy to prepare and also clean up after the fact however, otherwise your trip won’t be particularly fun. You also need to make sure you have everything you need to actually cook. A small propane stove (and accompanying propane reserve) can work wonders. Be sure to account for utensils, pots and pans, and biodegradable soap for your dishes as well.

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Of course, you’ll also need to bring water so that you can stay hydrated. Try to bring as much fresh water as you can reasonably carry. Provided you’re taking a vehicle that you’ll always have nearby, several gallons are likely necessary. Feel free to bring the makings for coffee and tea as well to help you warm up at night and in the morning. Ice ends up scarce in many camping situations, so don’t rely too much on beverages that need to be kept cold.


Of course, toiletries are also essential. Even so, you’d be surprised how many campers forget them! Unscented deodorant (which is very important to avoid attracting any unwanted visitors), toothpaste and a tooth brush, and additional grooming supplies such as a brush will always come in handy. You should also bring a first-aid kit, insect repellent (as non-toxic as possible) and sunscreen. Of course, your own supply of toilet paper will also be nice to have. Running out of toilet paper or having to rely on the unreliable stock of camp grounds has ruined many a camping trip.

Camping Equipment

Camping gear and equipment also needs to be listed among your essentials. This can account for anything such as matches and a lighter to help start campfires, saws and axes to cut wood, fishing poles and bait for catching fish, and so on. Make sure you already know which exact activities you hope to engage in so you can plan accordingly. Some of the most useful items that tend to get left behind are lanterns, flash lights, batteries, and film for analog cameras. The latter is important since relying on a digital model or the camera from your cell phone may prove futile if the batteries die on you during the trip.

While not essential, you should also bring at least a few things to help keep yourself occupied in the quieter moments of the day. This could be anything from puzzles and board games to play with the family to a musical instrument such as a guitar. The old tradition of singing in front of a campfire is time tested, so why not give it a spin yourself? If you’re more the quiet type however, a nice book to read can go a long way towards keeping you sane while out in the middle of nowhere!

Emergency Automobile Supplies

If you’re driving to a camp ground, you also need to have everything you need for emergency roadside repairs. Jumper cables, brake fluid, coolant, a tire iron and spare tire, a battery charger, and an air pump are all absolutely essential. You should also be sure to check your tire pressure, lights and brake lights, and other essentials before leaving just to be extra safe. It doesn’t even matter if your trip is a relatively short one; be sure you have everything you could possibly need!


Again, you really need to consider the weather of the area you’ll be camping in so that you can dress appropriately. You should also be sure to have plenty of shirts, pants, socks, and under garments. Swim trunks might also be in order. Over-packing is always better than the alternative! No matter what, just make sure to dress for comfort above fashion. That includes proper shoes and boots that have been worn in, as well as socks that breathe well. Wicked materials tend to absorb moisture better than most, so be sure to be on the look out for anything of the sort when purchasing new clothing.

Just remember that everything you bring is probably going to get moderately dirty. Any precious clothing that you love to wear out needs to be left at home. With the prospect of getting dirty in mind, you should also bring towels, a few rags, and a portable hamper or bag for your dirty clothes as well.

The list above is merely a starting point; it may not contain everything you actually need. That said, it should at least help get you within the ballpark of some of the key essentials. Actually writing a list of everything you should pack and checking each item off one by one as you get ready can prove very useful. It also won’t hurt to double-check after you’re done.

Do as much research as you can beforehand to address any worries and concerns you may have. From there, it’s all about staying safe and enjoying yourself.

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