Surviving: Primitive Survival Skills

“Every year, millions of people gather gears, food items and other essentials in order to deal with any possible natural or man-made calamity that may arise. However, sometimes, no matter how careful you are, your preparations may fall short. In those situations, the only way you can live is by learning how to survive without any gear or assistance.

But is that even doable? Well, yes absolutely. Read on to know how.

Obtaining tools and weapons
From cutting a fruit to building a tent, almost every job requires weapons or tools. However, what if you have no fancy knife or hammer with you, what do you do then? You collect sharp rocks that can serve as knives. There are also natural rocks and woods that can serve as hammers and other tools.

Building the shelter
When you are at the mercy of nature, waiting for the night to arrive to prepare for sleep can be a fatal thing to do. If the only light you have is moonlight or starlight, building a tent or habitat can be nearly impossible. That is why, it is vital that you make your tent before the sun goes down. In order to build one, you can use leaves, small sticks, boughs, etc. If you can find a safe cave, that is even better.

Preparing a Fire
Making a good fire is important for three main reasons – to keep animals away, to stay warm, and to prepare food. Fire can be made with the help of dry boughs, small sticks or kindling, logs, branches, etc. In the absence of a matchstick or a lighter, building a fire can be tough. So, it is best to start building a fire before the night arrives.

Gathering water and food
Food and water are essential for the survival of any human being. Those two are not always easy to access when you are in the wilderness. Regarding water, spotting nearby rivers and water streams during the day is a good idea. As far as food goes, fruits can be gathered with the help of bare hands or by using a stick. However, if you want to eat meat or fish, having a sharp tool or weapon is crucial for hunting. You can make one with the help of a sharp rock or a trimmed wood. Alternatively, if you have experience, you can collect various natural things to make arrows and bows, too.”

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