Camping Tips: How to Reduce Clutter and Increase Efficiency

“If you want to get the best out of a camping trip, planning it well is crucial. Proper planning not only maximizes your enjoyment, but also keeps the kids from whining and complaining. Devoid of proper planning, even the best trips can become annoying.

Planning begins with careful packing. You probably know that already. Nevertheless, what you may not recognize is that the trick is to pack smartly. Do not be tempted to pack every item there is in the house. It is common to want to take everything with you, but the truth is that you can do a lot with a handful of items if each item can perform multiple tasks.

What items are we talking about? Let us find out.

Items that multitask

1. Inflatable mattress
Using an inflatable air mattress is much easier than carrying around sleeping pads, as well as floating waterbeds. That is because the former can do the jobs of both.

2. Hanging shoe organizer
Hanging shoe organizers can be rolled up neatly when not in use. So, carry one such organizer in order to store non-perishable foods, kitchen tools, pepper shakers, salt containers, etc.

3. Frozen water bottles
In any camping trip, proper hydration is required. Having a fresh meal at your campsite, keeping the whole family refreshed and many other things depend on having drinkable water. So it is best to pack the cooler with frozen water bottles. That way, finding fresh drinking water is never hard.

Additional luxuries
As long as you are careful about packing only the necessary items, you should have space to take some luxuries with you. For example, the flip flops or that insect repelling candle. Durable hammocks make great camping partners, too. In addition to that, a sun shelter can not only protect the kids from the midday heat, but also keep the whole family comfortable all day. Sun or rain protection can be achieved with the help of large golf umbrella, too.

A note about the fire
Firestarter can be made with the help of wax, dryer lint and egg carton. As far as cooking is concerned, log-cabin style typically works the best. That is because such method supports cookware well. Log cabin style fire can be formed with the help of kindling sticks. Stack those at ninety degrees, and overlay each piece in a way that it nicely balances other pieces that are placed below. Largest pieces should be used toward the bottom and vice versa.”

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