MREs are a military staple that has been gaining mass-market appeal due to their inherent convenience and simplicity. People are always looking for ways to add more convenience and simplicity to their lives. MREs typically weren’t designed to be gourmet or provide an exceptional culinary experience. Instead, they were meant to provide adequate nutrition purely for survival. With that being said, XMRE set out to change all of that and wanted to put a much more micro-batch approach to the MRE industry and introduce more complex and better all around flavors in their offerings. Below, we will be going over XMREs latest 1300XT product.

XMRE 1300XT Review

1. Presentation

At first glance, the X MRE looks like what it is supposed to be – simple. The nutrient contents are listed conveniently on the back of the bag as you might expect. This is great for those that are looking to consume these meals while on a diet or simply for informational purposes. There isn’t much XMRE could do better in terms of presentation as the bags themselves are convenient to carry and transport.

2. They Have a Varied Menu

The entire line has a varied menu that is much better than you might expect. You can find a variety of meals to choose from that range from semi-snacks to full-blown meals.

3. What Comes In Each Bag?

Within each bag, you get a main entree, some type of bread or cracker, various sauces, dessert, fruit-flavored beverage, instant coffee, napkin, spoon, beverage bag, and a moist towelette.

4. Storage Life

These packages are meant to stay fresh for 5 years or more from the date on the pack depending on storage conditions.

5. Convenience

Because the food is pre-cooked, you do not have to worry about heating it up if you do not have the ability to do so. Instead, the food was designed to be eaten either hot or cold. Therefore, it comes with the ultimate convenience of being able to work with what you can.

6. What Is The Purpose?

MREs are not something that is meant to be consumed on a daily basis or even if you have plenty of options. Instead, they are there to serve as a sort of survival product that you can consume if you have no other food around or perhaps in case of an emergency. If disaster strikes, you will be able to have a quick meal that you can eat without having to cook anything or without needing fire or power. For this reason, they can be great for those that are planning on going camping or hiking because they can serve the purpose of providing food while camping or acting as a last resort type of measure so you don’t have to worry about starving in case something were to go wrong.

7. Is It Worth It?

This particular product is going to be a great option for those that are constantly finding themselves in survival situations or even for someone that enjoys camping or hiking regularly. It is always good to be over prepared rather than under prepared and having MREs on hand is a great way to do so. By getting XMRE 1300XT meals in your bag, you will be able to go hiking or camping without having to worry about not having a meal if something were to go wrong during the trip. This alone is going to make it worth it for a lot of people.

8. They Are Affordable

When it comes to MREs, this is one of the more affordable options on the market when you consider the varied menu and quality we are putting out. You are essentially getting a full and complete meal with each package with 1,300 calories per meal which is plenty enough to provide sufficient energy for those that are consuming them. They are made in the USA and even come with halal options for those that require it.

Overall, MREs are a great way to mitigate risk in survival situations. However, they can be used for a variety of other reasons as well. When it comes to the quality of XMRE, it is easily one of the best on the market. Not only does each meal come fully equipped with everything that you could possibly want or need, but it comes jam-packed full of calories that will allow you to restore energy. Along with this, it comes in some of the best packagings that is both simple and informative with all of the nutrient contents on the back of each bag. The menu is varied and diversified enough to the point where you are not likely to get tired of the meals unless you were to consume them on a daily basis rather than their intended purpose.

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