The Complete Beginner's Guide to Hurricane Seasons

“As you may know by now, Hurricane season is about to start in the United States. When the calendar hits June, it’s time to get ready for the hurricanes. As we all know, these can be disastrous, and we all remember what has happened in the past.

An example that we have fresh on our minds is the one of Hurricane Katrina. This was a category 5 hurricane that managed to take the lives of almost 2,000 people as it ravages through seven states. The final result was the disaster that happened in New Orleans.

We can only imagine how much those people suffered, and in order to prevent you from suffering like that. We are here to provide you some tips on how to prepare for hurricane season to make sure you are going to be as ready as possible when the time comes – if it does, that is.

1. Gather food and water

Hurricanes might last for a while and cut off supplies, so it is important for you to get ready. Gather a few gallons of water and make sure you have a proper amount of frozen food stored. Moreover, you can also get some MRE (Meals, ready-to-eat), which are used by the military to help their soldiers in harsh conditions – perfect for the event of a hurricane.

2. Make sure you have enough medicine

As sad, supplies can run out pretty quickly if a hurricane hits your city, so it is best if you have a good supply of prescription drugs that your family takes on a regular basis. This can be really hard since most insurers are not going to give you a refill until you ran out, but if a hurricane is coming, you need to do everything you can to be ready.

3. Stay on top of the news

This is a very unpredictable world and it might be scary to listen to the news in hurricane season, but it is also vital. A million events can take place when you have no power supply and these events can mean the difference between losing someone you love and getting away without a scratch.

4. Protect your home

If you are not going to evacuate, you are going to need to get ready for war. Make sure you put up your hurricane shutters and do everything you can secure the external doors of your home, and keep the internal doors closed. While the storm passes, lie on the floor under a table, and keeps curtains and blinds closed.

5. Be careful with your surroundings

If there are any trees close to your home, it is probably best to cut them before the hurricane comes so you can prevent them from falling on top of your home. You will also want to move any sharp objects and any exploding objects such as your grill into the garage so it won’t fly and hit your or your family members. Make sure objects such as pots, patio furniture and so on are locked safely in the garage – you want to prevent every possible accident.”

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